I don’t walk, I Vogue!

Strike a pose! It’s London Fashion Week!

Just passing by and thought we’d “Vogue” our stuff …

Me and Fred vogueing.
Freddie showing his Overglam jumper
I am modelling my own creation – a D&G Design trench coat! Do you like it?
We think the photographers approve …
Just doing their thing while we were doing our stuff.

And while Fred and I were vogueing, George was stealing the show …

George rocking his very bright yellow jumper from Yakshi Malhotra.
And these are the photographers focusing on George!
Jaffa is so cool – she just takes it all in her stride. She’s not a regular at posing!
More photographers

We can pout and we can smile but those cameras – they just always sometimes catch us unaware …

But you know how it is – one takes a lot of photos to get the right one – sometimes the best photos are the funny ones!

We walked on to Somerset House to meet other fashionistas …

Arriving at Somerset House …
George wearing Yakshi Malhotra, Freddie wearing Overglam, I am wearing D&G Design and Jaffa wearing Mia Cara.
Fred gets to change his wardrobe for every photo!!! What’s the deal?
Hello Rebel!!! He’s joined us!
And there’s Bella in pink!

May’s comment: We couldn’t resist being there at London Fashion Week!


  1. Rita and Gracie

    Fabulous darlings…George can certainly rock the acid yellow. ??

  2. Sara Cormack

    So many Paps May, Marvellous??

  3. Liz Burman

    I think they’re getting more attention than the hooman models! Well after all they’re much cuter.?

  4. Valerie

    May…..adorable models, adorable outfits. Adorable period!

  5. Think we took over London Fashion Week this year ???‍♂️

  6. Angela Randall

    Loving the outfits. Esp the D&G number!

  7. Stephanie

    How do you keep the coats so glossy
    My groomer takes my girls coat off every time

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi! What do you mean? Your groomer shaves her coat?
      We do brush it out every few days and we are city dogs – not a whole lot of mud though it does get muddy.

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