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We’ve been watching a docuseries on Netflix – DOGS.

It is a six-part series of stories about people from around the world – Japan, Costa Rica, Syria, Italy, America. These stories about dogs in the lives of people in such different situations and such different stories with one main theme running through it – dogs are man’s best friend.

May’s comment: Came across this docuseries one late night when I was desperately trying to switch off everything Brexit. I never normally watch Netflix but as I was scrolling through lots of programmes, DOGS, of course jumped out at me. Curious. It’s not another movie. Its a docuseries.

I started watching Season 1 Episode 1 – The Kid with a Dog. About an 11-year-old American girl who suffers from traumatic seizures. Her life and her family’s life were forever changed when Rory, a certified assistant dog trained to detect oncoming seizures, became part of their family.

Official Netflix photo

Lovely story, I thought and once again reinforced how much dogs can be trained to help humanity.

Curiously, I went on to watch (by now very early in the morning) Episode 2 – Bravo Zeus.

Official Netflix photo

Relevant story about a man who left everything behind when he fled war-torn Syria – including his dog, Zeus. Zeus was left in the care of a friend but the plan was to get Zeus to Germany where he had be reunited with his owner. His friends risked everything to get Zeus across the border to Lebanon. Along the way, those friends developed a bond with Zeus and the eventual heartbreak of parting with him so that he could live with his owner. Tears.

There are six series in all, and I have only seen the next two: Episode 3 – Ice on Water – almost heartwarming story of a dog and his owner, a fisherman and restaurant owner.

Official Netflix photo

and 4 – Scissors Down – dog groomers in Japan and their relationship with dogs. Two more to go. Not getting much sleep! LOL!

DOGS celebrates those bonds between people and their four-legged friends, companions. The stories explore the deep and remarkable bonds that dogs have with their humans – very heart-warming. Those feelings, we as dog owners know so well, depicted so beautifully in these stories.

Currently streaming on Netflix.

If you have already seen it, tell me what you think of it. Or when you do watch it, tell me what you think.


  1. Sheryl

    I loved loved this series and binged four episodes one night. Tears at times and inspired Lovely stories about our wonderful companion and friends
    How very lucky we are to know dogs…and to share their lives

  2. Daniel M Hall

    I don’t do Nexflix much. But I am so glad to read/see about its dog /human relationship program. I am surprised it doesn’t get PR. I will try to watch the program henceforth. Thank you.

  3. Norma/marley

    Thank you may once again. I haven’t seen it but definitely will watch. So glad to hear I’m not the only one desperate to escape from constant brexit news.

    • Miss Darcy

      Everyone I know! I switch off the news – too depressing. But the docuseries is brilliant.

  4. Kevin McTaggart

    One of Canada’s top TV critics gave Dogs a glowing review. Looking forward to watching it with Hazel, our lovely cockapoo.

    • Miss Darcy

      It is beautifully crafted – I like some more than others. A couple made me hold my breath, others made me cry. Enjoy them.

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