How much are those doggies in the window?

We thought the doggy in the Love My Human store window needed some company! LOL!

Well, let’s say Mum and Jenny thought it would be cute.

Next Monday evening begins the Chinese New Year – and we’re excited to wear our new coats that Aunty Ellen sent us from Hong Kong.

George was totally in the mood and he says, “Gong Xi! Gong Xi!”
While I found the benefits of posing in the window –
There’s food in there!!!! Woo hoo!!!

Alas, there’s more dressing up. Mum bought these when she was last in Hong Kong. It’s part of the tradition to wear new clothes for the new year.

This was what Mum bought me.
A cheongsam – that is actually for a two-year old hooman
Standing on tippy-toe to show off my cheong sam. George has a new blue silk jacket too.

So how much are we worth?

May’s comment: Priceless!

Next Monday evening begins the celebration of Chinese New Year – the Year of the Golden Pig.

Love My Human shop window is always so creative and elegant – just like everything else in the store.

Photo by Jenny of Love My Human.
Chinese pieces from Orchid Furniture helped to create an authentic CNY window.
Darcy and George in the shop window! LOL!

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