Agility Lesson 3

Today we learnt to walk on a low see-saw. We were rewarded when we had our front feet on the ground and our back feet on the see-saw. What was that all about?

We also did 3-2-1 wait before we were rewarded with treats – think Sue said something like learning to wait, respect and do when told.  We had to show we can wait or stay – I did ok but whenever Mummy stopped walking away from me, I thought I should go towards her – which I had always done but now she doesn’t want me to. So I am a little confused.

At the end we did some jumps over hurdles and walk around some posts.  That wasn’t difficult when I follow my nose.

Everyone managed to do all the lessons but Barney, a Tibetan Terrier puppy, was busy frolicking around and annoying us older dogs trying to learn our lessons.  But he is very cute.

After our lesson, we went back to London and had dinner at Elleven Park Walk – where I usually get bits of bread.  This time I had to sit and wait 3-2-1 before I got little bits. I think the lessons are being transferred to daily life. Hmmm. Not sure I am liking this.

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