New kid on the block

There is a new “cockapoo” at home, albeit stuffed up so she doesn’t bark and does not beg for food like me.


This is Lottie, formerly Nayla

Lottie joins me and my other cockapoo look-a-likes – LeMutt and Poppy. I must say, it is getting a little crowded on my bed.


Poppy, Le Mutt, me underneath all of them and Lottie

May’s comment:  Because they are so cute, Gotta Getta Gund has added Nayla, the cockapoo to their Designer Pups collection.  I think the Jelly Bean version (Poppy) is also very much a cockapoo lookalike. Le Mutt (which shall be renamed) was a gift about 30 years ago – maybe I always knew I would get a dog that looks just like that.





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