Andiamo a fare la spesa

We have a new place to food shop! 

There’s a new Sicilian supermarket on the Kings Road. They had just opened for business and we went to check it out.

We were unsure about being welcomed as we loitered outside,  – and sure enough, those bello Italiani said, “Buon giorno! Please come in!

And in we went …Sniffing out their aromatic wares
Poking my nose around to see if there’s anything of interestLots of lovely smells.

Gli Italiani sono sempre i migliori – con i cani!!!!! <3 (The Italians are always the best – with dogs!)

That said, the French grocers on Fulham Road welcomes us.No harm in us sniffing aroundAnd then even at our local Sainsbury and M&S – but we have to sit by the door and wait while Mummy shops.

Mays comment: We are very lucky to live in a part of London where a lot of the local community recognises the presence of dogs as very much a part of our lives. They accommodate us – and makes it so much easier to just get on with everyday living when out with our dogs. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it is ours! 🙂

Prezzemolo & Vitale is a high quality supermarket that originated in Palermo, Sicily has opened its second store in London, on King’s Road in Chelsea. A spread of fresh produce and cured meats, plus take aways.We welcome them whole-heartedly because they are dog friendly!!!  Like most Italian places!

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  1. Sam Rowntree and Lola x

    Looks lovely and I bet the smells are very lovely for doggies! X

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