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Once upon a time we used to go to Peggy Porschen, a chic bakery in Belgravia where we would sit in the pink tea room …for a cup of tea and a red velvet cupcake – the usual.

But yesterday after lunch with Barnaby and Julie, Mummy thought a cup cake was in order. But something was happening outside Peggy Porschen.I promise there were no celebrities inside. It was just me and Barnaby having our photo taken for this blog post 🙂And more tourists, some selfies but a lot of them – Instagram followers. I’m just so shocked at how many people were photographing the place, I mean I know this place is very pretty and all but surely they must be using the likes of companies such as to help them grow their profile, especially with this many people coming to take photos!
We sat at one of the outside tables, waiting to be servedWhat a pretty sight – afternoon tea, red velvet cupcake on a London street And that’s why we battled the photographers …All for a cupcake – the one and only one cupcake for Mummy – red velvet.

Well, she might have to share it with this very curious winged creature!LOL!

And look, we were photo-bombed!And Barnaby had the itch. LOL!

Well, we better get on with other things. Bye Barnaby and Julie! Till our next adventure!

May’s comment: Whenever we had visitors from abroad who wanted fish-n-chips or bangers and mash, we always went to Thomas Cubitt, a very good gastro pub. And without fail, I would suggest they skip dessert and we would wander down the street to the pretty in pink cake shop – Peggy Porschen.

We used to be able to wander in and have a cup of tea and a cupcake. But since last week when we were in the vicinity – we noticed crowds outside Peggy Porschen (116 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9QQ).

Their most recent floral display for Chelsea Flower Show had gone viral – it had recently become quite an Instagram hit. They have over 150K followers and thus the tourists now come to photograph it! Instagram has become such a great platform to showcase pretty much anything and with companies similar to SocialFollow – – helping businesses to reach potential customers it’s just getting better and better. It’s all about aesthetics, which I think this is the main reason a place like this does well when it comes to gaining a lot of followers. When I was thinking about how popular this place has become, I started to envision my Instagram account with all the followers and wondered how I gained thousands of followers with buzzoid. This was all a dream, but whenever I visit a place as pretty as this, I get so tempted to try and build my following as much as they have. A lot of social media influencers, and even businesses, have started using different services to help grow their accounts. You could try something similar to if you want to increase your following and get more views for your content. Although, I could always just visit Cake Heaven more often instead (I can’t complain)!

We’ve been posing in the windows and doorway way before it became an Instagram hitAnd yes, we’re on Instagram – missdarcyandme

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  1. Jacky Taylor

    The favourite first stop when I travel up to London to meet my son. We will lookout for you next time Darcy.

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