A very colourful Aladdin’s Cave?

WHOA!  We arrived at Kensington Gardens for a walk with Marley when we saw this huge colourful structure in front of the Serpentine Gallery.IMG_3947Mummy wanted to go inside to explore the Aladdin’s colourful cave!IMG_3995It was psychedelic in fact!IMG_3956I wasn’t so sure.IMG_7486Mummy thought it was cool and proceeded to sit down IMG_3986… for a cup of teaIMG_3979While Marley’s mummy YaenaIMG_3993Gave us lots of treatsIMG_3990Thankfully we left after a while so we could run around the real world chasing dogs and squirrelling.IMG_3966 And we met Fonzie, the cavapoo! Marley and Fonzie had a good tumbling IMG_3977

May’s comment:  This was our first park walk since unexpected turn of events in early September. Wanted to see the colourful plastic-wrapped structure designed by Spanish architects SelgasCano for the Serpentine Gallery’s annual pavilion programme before it will be dismantled this coming Sunday.IMG_3999In the middle of the pavilion is a large open space, where there’s a cafe for visitors to sit and be immersed in the colours.IMG_3962

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  1. Davina Lawrence

    It looks wonderful

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