Alfresco autumnal lunch at Blakes

Hello Mr. Pumpkin!img_8617 It’s been awhile since we were last at the Anouschka Hempel designed Blakes Hotel. They have been refurbishing their restaurant.  img_8614And now that they have reopened since September, we’re not allowed to dine inside the restaurant any more. They have new rules. img_8613But they have opened up a back garden where we are allowed to dine – which meant summer days and the mild autumnal days.img_8610 It’s an eclectic place – there’s a zebra on the wallimg_8611With ferns and bambooimg_8596 Plates on the black wall.

The food arrived, img_8600Artichoke to start.

Mummy has a thing for octopus these daysimg_8601Charcoal grill octopus with paprika, vesuvian tomato and heritage potato

Blue potatoes?img_8603 Oh, yeah! I’ll try some!img_8604 And more seafood!img_8605Lobster Spaghetti  Nice! But Mummy wasn’t sharing any of that with me.

Lying on the tiled floor outdoors would be cold for the hoomans but I have the appropriate coat for it.img_8612 Oh, and there’s a birdcage – not for birds but in case the weather is too cold to sit outside with us doggies, apparently we can book to sit in there. It is heated.img_8608 Anyway, it is nice to be back even though we have been relegated to the back garden.img_8619May’s comment: We usually do not regard having to sit outside to be particularly dog-friendly but when it is a proper restaurant, serving delicious food and making an effort to accommodate in some way, we appreciate it!

Before renovation, we used to be able to go to the restaurant downstairs at Blakes Hotel.  They offered water for the dogs in their red lacquer bowls. At one seating, they asked if we would like the water bowl on the table or on the floor.

But since June 2016 they have refurbished and moved their restaurant upstairs – the decor, as with the hotel evokes the spirit of old-fashioned travel in a steamer sailing up the Bosphorus.
willpryce_blakes_2_1443_fl_-_lowresPhotography from Blakes Hotel

They have created a garden in the back and it is absolutely delightful to dine alfresco with dogs and a Birdcage that can accommodate if the weather gets too cold. The food was worth the effort!

Blakes Restaurant has now been added to our Wine & Dine Page

Blakes Restaurant  at 33 Roland Gardens, London SW7 3PF

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