Milk it, Georgie!

Oh Georgie, you sure know how to milk it. He looked so sad and Mummy held him all afternoon.  

We took George to the vet yesterday morning to have his teeth cleaned. He’s afraid of the vet at most times so I went along to keep him company.img_8626But he didn’t seem nervous at all this time. Maybe it’s because he remembered that I was there for the same dental procedure last week and he kept hearing how fab that my breath doesn’t smell fishy any more. And he had also heard Mummy telling the whole world that he has a bed spell “halitosis” cast on him, and this is the place to be rid of that bad “spell” or “smell” – LOL!

The same nurse who saw me last week came out to check him in for the dental procedure.img_8627 George was delighted to meet her.  He couldn’t wait to tell her all about himself.img_8628George: Mummy, I like her. I think I will be in good hands.
img_8632 I’m ready, let’s do it! Let’s get rid of this bad “spell.”img_8635See you later, guys!img_8637 And off he bravely went.img_8638See you later, Receptionist Nurse!
img_8640 Byeeeee!img_8641 Well, that was extraordinary behaviour, George!  And there we were all worried about you.img_8669 Mummy and I went off for a walk in the park before coming back to pick up George.  He came around very quickly.

Thankfully, or not, he wasn’t his usual anxious self in the car. No anxiety panting. img_8671I was a little worried and thought I’d sit next to him to let him know I was there for him.

When we got home – he didn’t want to go up the stairs. img_8675Mummy carried him up. And for the rest of the day, he slept, and he whimpered a little.img_8248And every time he did, Mummy cuddled him. Poor Georgie.  Maybe.  There’s another side of the story he wasn’t telling us.

The nurse told us that after we left him, he wasn’t frightened in any way. He just let them do anything – shaved a bit off his leg, took bloods. They thought he was the best!  He loved all the attention.

So little George, I think he knows how to milk it with Mummy. He knows that when he acts frightened or whimpers, Mummy will want to scoop him up in her arms. She’s been cuddling him all afternoon.

May’s comment: OK. He had me wrapped around his little paws. He was not his usual self, of course. Not a whimper from him when in the car – to the point that I was getting a bit worried. Awfully sweet that Darcy who usually sits on one end and George the other in the back seat, walked over and sat next to him.  She does love him after all. 🙂

He was walking fine but he didn’t want to walk up the stairs. All throughout the afternoon, he napped and then would moan a little and whimper.  But no loss of appetite. So lots of cuddles and no more whiffs of fishy breath! Dental tartar gone but his protruding lower front canine is still stained slightly brown.

Late into the night, it transpired as to why he was moaning and whimpering. I think he had gas from the general – crikey! Oh mighty! That was some smelly flatulence in bed!!!!

George goes to Kynance Vet – 8 Kynance Mews, London


  1. Jill Keiser

    Glad that you and George have been brave pups to have your teeth cleaned! You have set a great example for other doggies who need the procedure done.

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    That’s the way Georgie you milk it for all it’s worth sweetheart!! I bet you’ve now got a mouth full of beautiful pearly whites and the sweetest breath in dogdom!

  3. Margaret Danks

    Oh Georgie, what a brave little soldier. And good on you for milking it. Darcy does love you, she knew you weren’t quite yourself and snuggled up to give you a bit of reassurance.

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