All by myself

What did you say, Mummy?

I have to get off the bed?I can’t sleep with you?I’ve been banished to the study?!?!?!?To sleep all by myself?!!!!????? I’m sorry, Mummy. I can’t help it if I get sick in the night. 🙁

May’s comment: Sorry, Georgie!  I know you can’t help it and I am not blaming you. But why in the night – is my question? You can be sick, and you are entitled to get sick – just why always from 2am till 4am?!?!?!

At the moment there’s too much going on and I can’t spend my nights waiting to see if you are going to be sick on the bed or the carpet or the hallway rug – for that matter until you have learnt to be sick in the bathroom. I am ok for you to be sick on the wooden floors in the study.  It still means that every time I get up in the middle of the night I have to look in to see if you have been sick again. It will just be for two nights while we see if the Zantac syrup works – while I’m trying to find pumpkin puree!

Of course I have thought – what if this is the night he doesn’t get sick and I will feel so bad for banning him.

Funny how every time George starts licking his lips as he gets sick that when I raise my head to see what he’s doing, Darcy does exactly the same – and we both stay watching him like that … till either he does get sick and the bedroom turns into a flurry of activities or he continues to lick his lips till we all fall asleep again.


  1. Annie Rhodes

    Poor baby. With your help he will be better soon!

  2. Ellen

    Try Whole Foods or somebplace with a good stock of American foods for cans of pumpkin. In the meantime, can’t you just use winter squash?

  3. Lucy Cronin

    Poor George! Hope he feels better soon.

  4. Margaret Danks

    Poor little Georgie! He won’t understand why he has to sleep in the study bless him. It’s only for a couple of nights Georgie

  5. Kathy Shoulders

    Poor little George!!

  6. Alison

    Ocado – in the international American section had pumpkin purée.
    Hope George wasn’t ill last night

  7. Maria

    Poor George has such a cutie . Hope he gets over it soon

  8. Jill

    Would butternut squash be a suitable substitute … same family as pumpkin, and readily available. Get better Georgie.xx

  9. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Has pumpkin for dogs.

  10. Jill Green

    Sainsbury’s! They have it, on line at least, so if not stocked in your local store, they should be able to get it for you.

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