All these things to do – and we’re not doing any of them

Mummy, I’m bored.George says, “Me, too.”Maybe, read a book,” suggested Mummy. Which one should I read?” I asked.Just pick one!” groaned Mummy

Let’s see … ah, maybe this might be inspiring – Tired of London, Tired of Life. Hmmm.  Reading this book doesn’t help our spirits when we’re staying at home most of the last few days. It tells of al the things you can do every day of the year. Let’s see what they suggest for today … – Tour HMS Belfast. Well, that’s not so good for us. We’ll have to wait till 8 March to “walk the Parkland Walk” Ah, on the 3 February – Go shopping at Liberty & Co. That is something we can do!

“George, what are you reading?”“Oh, just a bit of history.”

It figures! LOL! Hey! What are you doing on the bed?!?!?

May’s comment: Poor pooches! Been so busy the last weeks – left the dog walking to Joanna and Dawid while I’ve been supervising the final installations of a new project. Then they’ve either spent time at Jaffa’s or stayed at home. They are both missing me, I know. George especially is particularly vocal whenever I leave them.

Soon, it will be back to normal, we think.


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  1. Maria

    I’m sure they miss you. But time to recharge after their busy adventures. They have the best life. They will be happier when your work slows down though and they have more time with their lovely mummy xx

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