All candles have been lit …

Happy 4th Advent! We are now so close to Christmas!

All the Advent candles have been lit.IMG_8535

The ornaments on the tree have been hungIMG_8588And it seems we must have been very good – judging by the presents we’ve got (Mummy not so much! LOL!)IMG_8586Where will Santa have space to add more? asks Georgie!  Good question!IMG_8590Can’t wait to eat all those treats beautifully wrapped!!! We won’t go hungry for sure.

May’s comment: Going to carol service tonight – sans doggies.  Now that all the shopping has been done and all plans for the next few days been accepted, it’s time to enjoy the beauty of this holy season.IMG_8537


  1. Rita and Gracie

    I’m loving the innovative table for your Christmas tree!!!! Interior designers rock lol.

  2. Rita and Gracie

    Oops, just looked back and noticed the actual perspex table buried at the bottom..sorry.xx

  3. Neyra

    Merry Christmas Darcy, George, and May!

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