Last shopping weekend before Christmas

Christmas is coming and we still needed a couple more pressies to buy. So we were off to the best pet boutique in town!IMG_8423Come on, Georgie, let’s go shopping.
IMG_8420 We were immediately greeted with treats.IMG_8424 Praewa bought us all matching jumpers for ChristmasIMG_8517Don’t we have to go to the dressing room to try them on like you do when you go clothes shopping, Mummy?IMG_8464There are lots to look at but I had to check out the bowls just in case there’s food in there
IMG_8465 But alas, a rhino sits in one – don’t think he would taste very good IMG_8468 Georgie found a bookIMG_8477Seems to think it’s hilarious!IMG_8479 I was tired of shopping and all the commotion, so I went to lie down in a bed – away from everyone.IMG_8470 Bubbles asked what I was doingIMG_8516And George decided to come and join me.IMG_8475Mummy we like this bed. (Mummy says – “Oops! We had one which we gave away! But the colour won’t right anyway.”)

Mummy bought a funny pressie for Bubbles – it’s as big as she is but she loves playing with it.IMG_8482Well, it’s time to pay for all the purchases
IMG_8497 But I smell something interesting on the counter!IMG_8486We were all a little famished after all that shopping so we crossed the street and the hoomans went for a bite at Bakers & Spice – we’re not allowed inside but there’s seating outside – and as it was a mild winter’s day, it was fine.IMG_8512We were exhausted from all that excitement of shopping! Georgie closed his eyes and I needed something to lean my weary head on.IMG_8513 This is my tired look – as in, can we go home now?IMG_8514Even energetic Bubbles was tired too!IMG_8515May’s comment: I hope that’s the last of Christmas shopping and we will now just enjoy the days leading up to it.  Thank you Praewa for our matching jumpers!!!IMG_8519IMG_8518

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  1. Cecilia

    Haha~ shopping is always tiring isn’t it!

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