All dressed up and somewhere to go

Georgie and I wore our best coats to M Restaurant’s Pampered Pooch Lunch.

We sat quietly in the cab ride there – Mummy told us not to mess up our coats.
IMG_4742 Georgie asked me, “Do you think we’ll stand a chance to win a prize?”IMG_4743I don’t know Georgie. We don’t know what the competition will be.IMG_4744After a long cab ride, we arrived at M Restaurant at  Threadneedle Walk – and we knew we had arrived.IMG_4747 We went to our table – waiting for our friend Marley to arrive.IMG_4771 Ulli’s Pet Portraits was at hand to do some “paw traits” 11210390_374823189371603_8523765703880317060_nMummy thought it would be nice to do one of Georgie – since, ahem, he’s a little behind on that front.IMG_4754Ulli had made a sculpture that she thought looked like me – and asked if I would like to have it. Of course!!!  Thank you, so much!!!IMG_4750At the lunch, there were movies we could watch if things got a bit slow – 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, you get the gist.IMG_4847And along came Marley. IMG_4762The poodle next to us wore a very smart bow tie.
IMG_4846So did the Pug.18244_374823506038238_7325230489133968818_nBow ties seem to be the trend.
11128620_374822749371647_5555901888429893975_nOthers wore a tie.IMG_4790While others had dresses.11059246_374823592704896_8635332474497470532_nOr t-shirts with make-up?!?!?!11054452_374823226038266_5041033113143329139_n11209656_374822756038313_6553619215524461416_nBut many others did not really dress up so our competition wasn’t too stiff.  IMG_4780 IMG_4776 IMG_4774IMG_4817IMG_4816IMG_4823IMG_4794IMG_4796IMG_4797IMG_4788IMG_4870IMG_4869It was this little pup’s first social outing.IMG_4779This time they even had a menu selection for us pooches. 11017863_374822976038291_653835519367296267_n11233539_374823016038287_1831654098569357963_nAnd yummy treats!11258202_374823562704899_1058133866578837087_nIt was lovely to see some old faces since last month’s lunch. Can’t wait for the next one.

Mummy, who won Best Dressed?

May’s comments: Pampered Pooch Lunch at M Restaurant. George and Darcy wearing our collection from Miss Darcy for Alice Foxx.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    I think you both should enter mummy in a best mummy competition.

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