Who’s looking up my bum?

Time for my annual check-up.  Eyes checked. IMG_5925Tick.IMG_5928 Ears checked.IMG_5930 Tick.IMG_5935But Little Tyke was very curious about the apparatus that Dr. Peter used.IMG_5931How’s my tummy? All OK!

And then the part that Little Tyke is most interested in. Injections!IMG_5934 And that funny thing they put into my nose for Kennel Cough.IMG_5936 And he was even more interested in looking at my bum as Dr. Peter cleaned my anal glands.IMG_5939Finally, weighing in at 9.55 kg – I am on target!!!  Must have been all that running I did while on holiday.

May’s comment: The annual vaccine protocol now includes the latest in necessary protection against leptospirosis. 🙁

Leptospirosis is an infection of bacterial spirochetes, which dogs acquire when subspecies of the Leptospira interrogans penetrate the skin and spread through the body by way of the bloodstream. Two of of the most commonly seen members of this subspecies are the L. grippotyphosa and L. Pomona bacteria. Spirochetes are spiral, or corkscrew-shaped bacteria which infiltrate the system by burrowing into the skin.”  –  For more information, please look at PetMD



  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Oh Miss Darcy, that’s no way to treat a lady!

  2. Christine

    Lost a bit of weight Darcy? Looking good.

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