Checking out GOAT

On the road where we live there are at least three dog friendly restaurants plus numerous others just around the corner.  We never went to GOAT because when it first opened they were not sure about us dogs. So we never went back.

But then we found out quite by accident that they will be hosting a party to celebrate Dogs Trust’s 125th anniversary! Surely, we four-legged beings will be expected to attend. So we went along yesterday to find out more about it.  This time we were ushered right inside and we sat at a table inside.  IMG_6008Little Tyke was hungry.  He had a pizza.IMG_6018 While I stared at it very closely …IMG_6022 I thought I might get a little closerIMG_6023

As I watch the slices disappear into his mouth. IMG_6032 Sure looks delicious!IMG_6033ALMOST!!!!IMG_6034 But Little Tyke, my BFF, proved himself again! He shared his crusts with us. Thank you, Little Tyke!IMG_6035But before we left, we met Bethany who is organising the Dogs Trust event and she told us that four-legged customers are always welcome at GOAT!IMG_6042 May’s comment: GOAT used to be a local neighbourhood pub down the road but three years ago, it was transformed into is a New York-Italian restaurant serving grills and wood-fired pizza, with lounge bar.  IMG_6048When it first opened, they were not so sure about their dog-policy so we never went back because we are really spoiled for choice near where we live.  But we just found out that Bethany who now runs the place is a massive dog-lover and voila! Another dog-friendly place! Located at 333 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9QL

On the 20 April, Dogs Trust and Goat Chelsea will be celebrating Dogs Trust 125th anniversary.  It will be an evening of cocktails, canine canapés and a chance to enter your canine friend in our Top Dog Competition, all in aid of Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. Suggested entry donation is £15 per person and dogs do free!unnamed (5)

More later!

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