January Blues

It was a wet and rainy day … And we plodded along the wet streets of LondonIMG_9797 Just so Mummy could have her Sunday RoastIMG_9808 While we sat wet under the tableIMG_9819But peeping out from underneath for some hand-me-downsIMG_9806 IMG_9803As George wandered out to get into a better positionIMG_9802 Mummy explained herself – because it was such a  miserable day and because we’ve put away the Christmas decorations (even though it’s only the tenth day of Christmas), she needed some cheering up. IMG_9800 We walked home in heavier rain but Mummy had been satisfied.  We now have another option in the “hood” for when we need a little feeding outside the home.


As Little Tyke would say, “We’re back to normal!”

May’s comment:  So much for no more celebratory eating.  Was feeling the January-after-festivity blues. The Christmas lights and decorations on the streets are coming down and the little tree in our living room is back in its place in the cupboard. No more Christmas jingles, though the cards are still coming through the post – for a few more days. And soon those will be put away too.IMG_9828I suppose 2016 really gets off to a start today – the first Monday of the year when people go back to work. And I start thinking about what I have to do in the next eleven months before Christmas lights come on again. But alas, how shall we fill the eleven months ahead of us?   The calendar is already filling up but while looking ahead, I shall not forget to live in this moment, the NOW. And so I felt a little of the January blues today – but I also remembered quickly not to dwell on them. Instead to remember we had a lovely Christmas and we got to explore a new place leading up to the New Year.

As it is still winter and the days are still short, we should still light candles in the home – the Winter smelling ones. The scent always seem to make the home feel more cosy.  IMG_9809And since it is still the 11th day of Christmas – let’s just go to the Christmas Playlist and let the melodious carols sound out for the last time.

How shall we make the moments, days, weeks and the year count besides finding more dog-friendly places? LOL!

More and more options pop up all the time when people know we’re looking for dog-friendly places.  When they tell us about them, of course we have to go try them. And this latest one, The Cross Keys is very close to us – a nice gastro pub in the same group as The Brown Cow and Sand’s End in Fulham.

The Cross Keys which opened in 1708, was a Chelsea pub where regulars have included JMW Turner, Dylan Thomas, and Bob Marley.  Following a long battle against closure, the new owners of the Cross Keys, opened in February 2015 a “gastropub for locals.”


Vibrant restaurant & bar serving creative takes on traditional Euro-Brit food in a historic setting.
 Address: 1 Lawrence St, London SW3 5NB


  1. Sam

    Hi May, I can relate to the post Christmas blues. I love the lights and the tree and find January really hard but I guess we have to find the light in our lives somewhere. This is the year for us to finally get out cockapoo and that’s something positive to focus on. You and George and Miss D’Arcy have an exciting year ahead I’m sure xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Glad to hear that so many out there share the same “let down” feeling after Christmas and New Year’s. We build ourselves up to such a hype and then we start the cycle all over again. It’s an end to a calendar year – and that’s all it is, I suppose. It’s not a grand finale. Have a happy one! xx

  2. Dawn Walsh

    Hi May, I think a lot of us feel the same, we went away for New Year, we are now back looking at the lovely decorations not wanting to box them away. I have decided no More January blues for me, I’m going to embrace it. Firstly lose the Christmas overindulgence that is wrapped around me, try to learn Spanish & attempt the Berlin Hlf marathon…….and my beautiful Soraya is 21, hubby 60.& Ruby 2 …..no more glum mummy, I’m going to let the light in also xxxxx enjoy your New Year May, Darcy & Georgie xxxxx

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