Along came some Good Samaritans

There is a poo called Molly who was being rehomed. But her new Mummy couldn’t go to get her. So she asked some strangers if anyone can help her get Molly to her forever home. Many volunteered immediately and then the marathon began – it happened all day yesterday.

Vicky picked up Molly, a brown cockapoo from the place in Swansea where she was being re-homed.1538902_10203431286839699_8693792469521806627_n… and drove all the way to hand her over to Su.10150015_10203647525133191_737889311_n Su then drove all the way to meet Molly’s new Mummy, Hayley.10178191_10203648123468149_566926681_nAnd finally she arrived at her forever home in Chester.10003419_10203433886864698_401459719594456402_nShe looked a little bewildered, I am sure. I recognise that look in her eyes – a lot of uncertainty as to what had happened all day.  She looked tired and wary. There is not much trust and she is unsure what to think. But tomorrow she will wake up and sniff out her new world.

She will soon learn to trust these new faces – the humans who will give her food and water.  She will realise this is her new shelter and she is welcomed here.  Soon, she will love unquestioningly the new family who adopted her. When she stops worrying about who these new faces are, she will start to gain confidence. She will start to play and she will cause some trouble here and there.  And she will fill their hearts with love and bring much laughter and joy into her new home.  She will become a part of the family. Her life is onto another start.

We saw two Good Samaritans who helped get Molly to another Good Samaritan who gave her a new home.  As the saying goes – “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”  

Thank you for giving another cockapoo another chance to love you all back because you mean the world to us.

May’s comment: Sometimes people let their dogs go because of unexpected circumstances. Sometimes people just did not realise what a huge commitment it is to invite a dog into their life. Sometimes it just wasn’t the right time or the right people. The dogs then find themselves being given away through no fault of theirs.  But along come the other sort of people who would do their best to rehome an abandoned dog.

Dogs bring out the best in people, I find. Ever since I have joined the community of cockapoo owners it has been most heartwarming to learn about such generosity of spirit, people with big hearts, soft hearts and open hearts.  We cry together with great sadness of each other’s losses, and cry together because of happy endings. We encourage each other through difficult times and we boasts of our love for our poos with no shame – because we know the other understands.

Because we realise how much these little souls bring to our lives and all we can do in return is be responsible owners. When we can’t have them, we make sure they find another home.

So many of us on the Facebook Page watched the ongoings of little Molly being transported with such love – and strangers met each other along the way and forever a bond now exists amongst them. And now, we are all watching the space to see her become a much-loved part of her new family. All wishing she will be happy just like Buster, now Taz who is already a part of the family. He was going to be put to sleep if no one took her.

And many of us shed a tear for the victorious and loving effort of strangers pitching in to get Molly to her forever home. Good Samaritans do exist.



  1. Liz

    How lovely. I hope Molly is soon settled and happy in her new forever home. Do you know is her new mummy in the British Cockapoo society on Facebook? Be nice to keep up with how she’s doing xxx

    • Miss Darcy

      She’s on the Cockapoo Owners Club FB page. Molly is still unsure of her new surroundings but am sure that soon enough she will know this is her new home and her new family. She will be loved for sure. x

  2. emma cuthbert

    Was she abused or something? Some people shouldn’t have pets.

    • Miss Darcy

      Apparently the previous owner loves animal but had too many. She wasn’t able to take care of Molly.

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