Doggy Sunday at Gaucho Hampstead

It’s Doggy Sunday again at Gaucho Hampstead!  And I had at least four empanadas!!!  I am really not as full as Snoopy but Mummy said – no more supper tonight! 🙁

Look who greeted us?!?!?IMG_5279We went with my friends Rusty, Alfie and Lucca.  And dapper Jorge came out to greet us!IMG_5278 Rusty with DaddyIMG_5317 Lucca with DaddyIMG_5318Me and MummyIMG_5315There were at least two other cockapoos – here’s me, Lucca and Rusty. There’s Cooper in the back.  We are the beggars!  Lucca fell in love with one of the “Alice in Wonderland” girls and kept following her around. 🙂IMG_5301 And this is Rufus. We have never met before! We hope he’ll come to our Hyde Park Meets.IMG_5336 And here’s Alfie!IMG_5296There were two labradoodles. This is Mikey and the other is Molly.IMG_5356And there were lots of other dogs!IMG_5342 IMG_5345 IMG_5346 IMG_5320 IMG_5321 IMG_5323 IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5329 IMG_5330Anyway, it was all a lot of fun.

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  1. Fab day still full x

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