• IMG_4876Jasper was the life of the party!!!
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  • IMG_4877
  • IMG_4878
  • IMG_4879Galileo's first visit
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  • IMG_4884
  • IMG_4899
  • IMG_4900
  • IMG_4902
  • IMG_4905
  • IMG_4906
  • IMG_4914
  • IMG_4916Hello Rusty!
  • IMG_4919Blue - took a long time to finally make his first meet!
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  • IMG_4928
  • IMG_4929
  • IMG_4925There was a spot that everyone loved!
  • IMG_4931So did Lyra!
  • IMG_4936
  • IMG_4890The Group!

An April rendezvous in Hyde Park (sans us!)

While George and I were away doing our thing, Mummy went off to a Hyde Park Meet! Strange!

She said it gave her an opportunity to spend time with all the other pooches more and not have to worry about the two of us! LOL!

And despite it being London Marathon Sunday, there were thirteen pooches!Left to right: Teddy, Rusty, Jasper, Galileo, Ted, Coco, Jessie, Lyra, Alfie

Missing from photo: Blue (came later), two poodles Max and Archie (they disappeared before we could take the group photo!) and a Tibetan Terrier – Arlo!!!! He too disappeared!

Today there was a spot that the pooches seemed to love!

Rusty got into the act!

May’s comment: Darcy and George have left on their holiday and I couldn’t resist missing another meet.  I got to play with other doggies without having to worry about Darcy running off squirrelling and George doing a runner! Ahhhhh – what a lovely and unstressful meet – for me! LOL!

Next meet will be the last Sunday of May, the 28th. It’s a bank holiday but some of us will be here!


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