And it’s goodbye again …

The day had arrived for us to be going our separate ways again. 

But which way are we going, we wondered.

The door bell rang – and it’s goodbye George!  He scampered off with Jaffa and family. Before long he was already in the countryside with Jaffa’s family, skate boarding with the kids.

The next time the bell rang, I knew who it was. It’s my Agnes!!!!

I was beside myself with happiness!!! Woohoo!
Hurry up, Agnes! Let’s go!

May’s comment: The day before I travel without my dogs is always the one that gives me a heavy heart. Thoughts circling my mind – I don’t think I want to travel again without them.

This is a “Mummy holiday” – no pooches to travel with. Where I am going is too far and too hot to take them along.

But as I handed over each of them to people they love, and I see how happy they are to see them – scampering off without even a goodbye, I know then they would be fine. Sometimes we need to go our own ways for a while, to let go. And the reunion will always be sweet.

On Wednesday, the two of them will reunite and go off to the House of Mutt together. This will be George’s second time.  The first time around, he was so new to his new life then. That did not stop him from being Mr. Social whilst there. And he got Darcy off her high horse whenever she took herself too seriously. LOL! This time it will be interesting to see how he does. He might have a go at agility – and would be very pleased if he learnt to jump a hurdle. I am not being fair thinking he won’t because he learns new tricks rather quickly. Can’t wait to see what happens.

And I told myself – I am going on holiday too! …


  1. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Have fun.

  2. Sandra Stinson

    Koh Samui? wherever your adventures are taking you, have a wonderful time. You know your babies will be just fine. xx

  3. Ian Harrison

    Have a good holiday. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures at the House of Mutt!

  4. Cheryl

    Have a grand time! Enjoy yourself, Darcy and George are having their own grand time!

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