An early birthday present

We’re celebrating because our blog postings have been read over 1,000,000 times!!!!

Thank you everyone for helping us to achieve our self-imposed challenge! Now, can I have that piece of bread?IMG_2981

May’s comment: We challenged ourselves to set a goal of a million views before the third anniversary of our blog in mid-May 2016. So we’re pleased that it reached 1,000,000 on Monday, 22 February.  IMG_2927Although it is just a number, it does make us feel good that all the effort put into it on a daily basis has an audience. And we hope that the number translated into 1,000,000 smiles we’ve put on our reader’s faces – though we’ve also made you cry.

In the world of social media, this is nothing to write home about.  But we’re just a blog about “a girl and her dog”, not anything newsworthy – just a cute dog and a crazy owner who wanted to write.  And then a little mutt joined us.  George in his own little way had significantly increased our readership – he has his own fan base.

We started writing this blog simply because I like to write.  When Darcy entered my life she seemed to have overtaken my Facebook page postings – as a friend said – it looked like my page has been sabotaged!  My non-doggy owner friends thought I had gone bonkers.  So I decided to make them think I am really bonkers by creating her own Facebook page – which has more friends than I do! The Facebook page then turned into a blog.

We have remained true to our objective – to share our adventures as a city dog exploring city life and venturing out to the countryside for reprieve and crossing borders, reinforcing the notion that all is not bad out there – it can be quite a dog-friendly world.  To just share our experiences, the good things, funny things and worthwhile things.

As our reach grew, spanning over 176 countries, we knew we had a responsibility to help in any way to spread news whenever we needed to.

OK, now we can chill. LOL! That’s one good thing about achieving goals – to let up and enjoy the rest of the ride.  Or maybe now achieve 1,000,000 sessions by 2018 – we’re only at 500,000. (NO!!!!! Stop it! – says Darcy and George – let’s go to the parks more often!)

All this would not have been possible if not for the encouragement of one person whom I had met by coincidence. Sebastien was then already a successful blogger when he took the time to explain to me how to make a blog work. He was encouraging and supportive.  He gave me basic tips.  One of the things he told me was to grow a few layers of skin. I think I have though only very thin ones.  Still feel the sting sometimes but I have learnt not to dwell on them.

Writing every day for almost three years – albeit sometimes about little things, takes time, commitment, energy and long hours in front of the computer and adopting an annoying photo taking habit. But it didn’t feel like it’s been that long because I’ve really enjoyed most of it! I’m most proud that it has also been able to help causes.

It’s a journey – and a really enjoyable one! But we would never have achieved our goal if not for you – reading our blog! Thank you.



  1. Jill Keiser

    May, Miss Darcy, and George — I found you by chance last November when I was trying to find out if Lord Grantham would get a puppy to replace Isis on Downton Abbey. (In the US we are only now watching the final season.) Anyhow, I was taken to your blog with great pictures of Robert and Tiara. I’ve been following your blog from North Carolina every day since. Congrats on reaching your goal. You make so many of us happy!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Sorry the spell check on my tablet made Tiaa into Tiara.

  3. Dick and Melanie andJake firestone

    Mazeltoff. I’m one of your million

  4. Cheryl

    I love reading about your adventures. We are Anglophiles and dog people so your blog is perfect! I’m making a list of the dog friendly places in London so when we go back I can get my dog fix.

  5. Katie Cole

    A short comment slightly off topic…May, you look so lovely, relaxed and healthy…Good for you…

  6. Davina Lawrence

    Thank you May for Miss Darcey’s adventures. I enjoy reading about all your adventures, and the visits to Hyde Park. I hope to join you at the end of March. As I don’t live to far from you. Lol Johnny poo bear lawrence esquire

  7. Liz

    Congratulations May, Miss Darcy and George, on a reaching your target. Love your blog.
    Lol Liz, Fred and Elsie.

  8. Nancy Koon

    I love reading your blog everyday. Big hugs to Darcy and George! And many thanks to you for writing it!!

  9. Alison Mullett

    Congratulations May, Miss Darcey and George! I enjoy reading your blog each day – it’s informative, amusing and on occasions emotional. But always entertaining. Keep blogging our intrepid trio! Xxx

  10. Sharon

    Congratulations to you all. I don’t know how you keep up May. I have trouble keeping up with your blogs each day. Hopefully one day I will be a lady of leisure an won’t miss any.

  11. Love your doggie blog I read it every day I’m from Australia

  12. julie mcevilly

    Congratulations on your achievement have looked forward to what you are going to be doing next! You have also inspired me to take Bailey to places I probably wouldn’t have done without the confidence you have given me! Long may you carry on. Love to you all Julie & Bailey xx

  13. Well done May – not only a statistical triumph but also a somewhat cathartic experience for you personally. Having experienced at first hand the ‘burning of the midnight oil’ that sometimes goes into your blog, you should be very proud of your achievement. Here’s to the next million !

  14. Lee-Anne

    Congratulations May, Darcy and George. I love your blog, it has been the hightlight of my day after some rough days. Keep up the great read.

  15. Claire Faice

    Thank you May Miss Darcy’s adventures along with George, I really enjoy reading your blog.

    Keep on blogging!

  16. Laura Hiatt

    Amazing. Congratulations. Love reading your blogs and always puts a smile on my face.

  17. Ian Harrison

    Wonderful achievement and a brilliant blog! Like all your avid readers we love Miss Darcy and George. We live in Manchester with our ‘poo Archie, unfortunately a little too far to join your meets! We look forward to the next one million!

  18. Neyra

    Congrats, May, Darcy, and George! What an incredible achievement. Thank you for your daily postings and beautiful photographs. Your blog brings a smile to my face and is a welcomed relief in a stressful world. Onward and forward!

  19. Judy

    Here’s to the next million posts May! Our ‘poo Ted and I have been following your blog almost from the start. You are part of my morning routine now – I check in every day over breakfast to see what you have been up to. Please keep it going and make sure you get to the Scilly Isles one of these days…

  20. Barb

    Congratulations! Love reading about all the adventures of you, Miss Darcy and George.
    I live in Canada and wish it was as dog friendly as London is.

  21. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Congratulations May Darcy and lately George….I love switching on my phone,tablet or cloudbook each morning to see what you’ve all been up to and the places that you’ve found that are doggie friendly. Thank you all. Love and licks from Gracie and her hooman. Xx

  22. cheryl houlton

    Well done!! enjoy reading your blogs also the travel tips are invaluable feel could bring my dog to London for a few days holiday to try out the dog friendly restaurants! look forward to many more blogs x Cheryl and susie

  23. Margaret Danks

    Congratulations family Wong! I love your blogs and I really look forward to them each evening. Long may they continue x

  24. Maggie

    Sealea Blue and I look forward sooooo much to reading about your adventures ….. congratulations and well done to you May, the fab Miss Darcy and of course the lovely George.xcxcx You bring so much pleasure to so many people.

  25. Stefania

    May, Darcy and George
    CONGRATULATIONS for your great achievement !!!

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