A Special Hyde Park Doodle Meet for Tiger

It’s our Hyde Park Doodle meet this coming Sunday – all of us there will run and play and chase each other.

But we also know that one of our friends won’t be back to play with us.

Some of you already know that Tiger Rose crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on the 7th February.

This was a photo from the last time she came to our meet.  It was on her bucket list to come and play.IMG_9218She looked well the last time we saw her at the end of December – can’t believe she left so soon.

Mummy thought we could altogether say goodbye to Tiger Rose – to tell Tiger we love her, we miss her.

May’s comment:  Sunday, 28th February behind the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens.  Our meet begins at 10.30am and we usually have our group photo at 11am.  We’ll say goodbye to Tiger Rose then. We couldn’t find a Tiger Rose flower at this time of year, so instead we will have lots of pink rose petals to scatter.



  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Awww May that is such a lovely idea, give Darcy and George an extra special hug from us. Losing a human friend is tough but our doggies must find it difficult to understand.xx

  2. Christina LeDee

    May, please extend a heart felt “I’m so sorry to hear of your Tiger’s passing” to her family from Beaumont Texas.

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