A dinner date in Hampstead

After all the commotion from the day before, Mummy needed some quiet time …Just Mummy and I went to Hampstead for a quiet dinner. Kim joined us for our quiet escape.We had to take a flight of stairs down to the cellar of this Georgian house, At 28 Church Row we found an intimate and rather special dining space The staff brought me a bowl of water before serving the hoomans.As we left the restaurant, the evening was still light and we walked down some of the streets  This was at Venchi Cioccolato …Seems like lots of “hoomans” like ice-cream. But we have far to go, so down into the tunnels we wentto take a tube home.

Now, where is that Northern Line train that’s going south?Ahhh, there it is! I was almost falling asleep waiting for it to come.Going home to an annoyed George (for being left behind) and a calmer Churchill who spent their own quiet evening with our friend Camilla.


May’s comment: We were told about this dog-friendly restaurant in Hampstead by a fellow dog-diner!

28 Church Row is a restaurant housed in the cellar of a Georgian building in Hampstead.  It has an intimate yet relaxed & informal atmosphere. The menu offers small plates sharing, inspired from the best of Spanish and Italian cuisine.Located at 28 Church Row, Hampstead, London, NW3 6UP – it has a no reservations policy. Worth the wait and you can wait in the vault!

We’ve added this to our Wine & Dine list but wasn’t sure how to categorise it. Given it’s Italian and Spanish influence, we listed it under European.

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