Something tells me I am having an extended stay

We’ve had a good weekend Mummy.

I, along with the “mutts” at The House of Mutts have been out walking and running in the woods11222060_1224525174231403_5919626261526026626_nYou see as usual I like to be at the front of the pack.

Sometimes I run ahead11222060_1224525174231403_5919626261526026626_nAnd wait for the others to catch up11222060_1224525174231403_5919626261526026626_nWhen we got back to the house, look what had arrived?!?!!?IMG_3209There wasn’t any food left for my stay as I was supposed to have gone home on Friday – looks like we have been replenished for an extended stay.

This morning after school drop off we went for a gallop on the salt marshes at Blakeney!IMG_3208Do you like my black feet? Don’t worry, Mummy, they come off. Don’t give yourself another gal bladder stone!

Photo credit – House of Mutt

Over to you, Georgie!

And I Georgie, I’ve been staying with Jaffa and her family since last Wednesday. We went for walks with Jaffa’s Mummy and Daddy and as we walked past your hospital a few times. We waved to you.IMG_3205Came the weekend they took me to a birthday party – there were five kids altogether and I got hugged and tummy rubbed all day by all five kids.  IMG_3207After that we drove out to the countryside and I spent the weekend barking at the horses in the field next to Jaffa’s garden. I haven’t seen those before!!!

I played with Jaffa even more, went on long walks and bike rides. I love the countryside!!!

When we got home Sunday night, Camilla gave me a bath and she asked me to pose for you but I was ZONKED!!!!IMG_3206I had the time of my life.

What did you get up to? 🙂

May’s comment: Thankful that fur babies are so well looked after.  Just focusing on getting better, getting out of the hospital and recuperating a little before the herd comes home.

Something tells me my dogs love the countryside.


  1. Janet Novak

    I can’t believe you are posting!
    I am so happy you have a great network of friends to take care of you babies.
    Sending love and well wished!

  2. Neyra

    Your babies are having the best vacation. Now it’s time for their mommy to get better so she can go home.

  3. Cintia

    Get better soon May. I totally feel for you as I went through the same procedure a long time ago. Just remember to keep a strict diet and soon you go back to being your “old self”. Take it really easy with exercise to start with to make sure you heal properly.
    Wishing you and the dogs well. Cxx

  4. It sounds as if Miss Darcy and George are having a wonderful time. Get well soon, May.

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