An extra day – for reading

The 29th February doesn’t come around too often – in fact, once in every four years.  So we thought today we will take the time to do something we don’t usually have the time to. 

Mummy sat down to read George a book about “How to be a Dog” but his interest seems to be waningIMG_3603Doesn’t look like he’s very interested in how to be a dog or maybe it’s old news to himIMG_3604He’s fallen asleep!  Maybe I should read it after I’ve read my other book.

I can read all on my own. I have a new book too that Jake sent to me all the way from California.IMG_3607The Dangerous Book for Dogs is a book for us to get back in touch with ourselves – the thrill-seeking, mischievous side of us.  Mummy always say that I prefer humans more than dogs, so I guess I should really read this book – it’s a more in-depth version of George’s “How to be a Dog.”

For example, I like this chapter – “Questions about the world”IMG_3608Very pertinent questions – “Why is there only one dinnertime a day?” Except we actually have two – breakfast and supper, but let’s see what they have to say …IMG_3605Apparently most other dogs don’t read books – they eat them! I rather like my books – and we have LOTs of them in the house – all over the place.

This particular book gives us tips on how to do things that our ancestors did before they became “domesticated” – but I rather enjoy my life in a comfortable bed, snuggling up to Mummy and fed twice a day, and in between meals. I’ll chase a ball but I will also chase a squirrel. Other than that, I still chase my tail sometimes and I really don’t mind wearing coats – because every time I do, it means we’re going out.

May’s comment: Funny books I had received –

“How to be a Dog” by Jo Williamson, a children’s picture book told from the perspective of a dog about two best friends (boy and dog).

Do you want to learn how to be the best dog you can be? Just follow the steps in this book! After choosing a human to live with, learn where you should sleep (everywhere), who you should be friendly with and who to bark at, how to keep the floor clean of any food, how to play fetch, and more! Before you know it you’ll be having lots of fun . . . and your human may even become your best friend. Told from the perspective of one clever dog, this humorous story perfectly showcases the special relationship between a dog and his human.”  From Simon & Schuster

The Dangerous Book for Dogs: A Parody” by Rex & Sparky, Janet Ginsburg, Emily Flake

Written (with help) by dogs and for dogs, The Dangerous Book For Dogs provides insight on everything from the tastiest styles of shoes to chew to the proper method for terrorizing squirrels. It also contains portraits of noble dogs throughout history, the mysteries of cats and humans, and everything else your dog ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask–like how to make toys out of human’s household items, or how to escape from a humiliating reindeer costume.From GoodReads


  1. Rita and Gracie Betteridge

    Sounds like a recipe for a mutiny to me. X

  2. Jill Keiser

    Those titles sound like great reading for doggies and hoomans alike! I always like to read my doggies the classic Little Golden Book, Four Puppies, about the first year of the life of four collie siblings through the four seasons by Anne Heathers. The pictures are great by Lilian Obligado.

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