The Best Birthday Ever

It has been a busy few days – and we can finally sit down and recall the best birthday ever!!!!

As you know, Mummy and Jacqui took us to the Yorkshire Dales for my birthday.  Mummy promised me that we could go running all day – to my heart’s content. And so we did!

We took the path that led to Aysgarth ChurchIMG_3072We ran up the now familiar path (was there the day before going to the Aysgarth Falls)IMG_3087We ran up the stepsIMG_3102Miuccia following behindIMG_3103But instead of turning left, we turned right and followed the “footpath”IMG_3164We were also told to keep the river on our left – we would have to cross the river to have it on our right.IMG_3172So that was rather straight forward. IMG_3173 Oops! All that rushing water is making me have a pee.IMG_3174 And soon we wandered down to the riverIMG_3175 Running along mini waterfallsIMG_3180 And then to vast open fieldsIMG_3171 The picturesque Yorkshire Dales will never be the same again with three red/fuschia Equafleeces running all over the greens!IMG_3306IMG_3310IMG_3184 And then the path took us closer to the riverIMG_3187 So we exploredIMG_3191 IMG_3303George doing so gingerly as he doesn’t like waterIMG_3192 But as we walked along, the fields were at times blocked off by walls of stone IMG_3197and we had to go through VERY narrow gatesIMG_3199Sometimes Mummy had to carry us over the stiles.

We ran into muddy puddles of water – we needed a drink by that timeIMG_3203 Hee! Hee! That was fun. By this time, Mummy has long given up on us being clean. That’s why we were wearing our Equafleeces.IMG_3205 We checked out barns of hay – hmmm – who lives there, I wonder.IMG_3206 And as we walked further, the river became calmerIMG_3210 And we continued to runIMG_3212 And more waterIMG_3213At one point, I saw a rabbit and I ran after it, George following close behind. But I didn’t see the fence and ran into it. Ouch! George ran through the fence … and so did another chapter of George running off!  We’ll leave that topic for another day. In short, George was being cheeky monkey and decided not to come back. About twenty minutes later, Mummy finally caught him and from that point onwards – he was not allowed off the leash.

Actually as we wandered further, the fields were soon populated with other four-legged beasts.  When Mummy caught sight of cows, we were quickly back on the leash.IMG_3226Mummy was afraid that if I were to go barking at them, I might be gored!  IMG_3227 Sometimes I stopped to admire the sceneryIMG_3228 Sometimes we walked across streamsIMG_3229As we got closer to “civilisation” as Mummy called it,IMG_3239we saw more four-legged friends.  We were firmly back on our leads.  We have been warned that, especially at this time of year when the ewes are about to have little lambs that if we were to chase them, they may have a miscarriage or they could get very stressed causing death. And if that happens we could get SHOT at by the farmers!!!!  IMG_3255Whoa! It’s dangerous in the countryside! We were definitely curious but we were all firmly on our leads!  

We finally ended up in West Witton –IMG_3262Totally pooped! We were out in the “wilderness” for more than three hours of non-stop running and walking!

But once back at The Stow House – it was bath time!IMG_3296And then a little snooze.IMG_3297

May’s comment: Ticking off the bucket list – Yorkshire Dales is one of them.


  1. Jill Keiser

    What a perfect birthday holiday those Yorkshire dales make! So glad you had your equafleeces on for the day!

  2. Cheryl

    What a grand day! I’m sure you will have lots of wonderful dreams tonight!

  3. Carol, Alfie and Millie

    Lol, you really were in our part of the world, so glad you enjoyed it.

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