An Oxymoron

We were made aware of a Facebook page called “I Hate Dogs” – which is very sad. Very sad because obviously the person who is doing this and the 4000+ people who liked it have never experienced being loved by a dog.


Maybe some of them have been attacked by one and have good reason to be wary of them. But to hate is such a strong emotion and shows lack of understanding of why dogs attack.  We dogs have been domesticated but we are still animals in need of care and help to understand the human world.

To hate doesn’t make things better. To love helps you understand why and to open your heart.

Please Facebook, this is not just about hating dogs, it’s about promoting animal cruelty, it’s about spreading hateful messages. You can help by banning these angry sites – they are just as bad as trolls – on your socially responsible media.

May’s comment:  Dog does not equal hate. It’s an oxymoron. 

This is a petition started by Patrick Doyle on Causes to try to get Facebook to take down or block these animal hate sites. Yes, people are entitled to their opinions. But there are enough bad things going on in the world, we do not need to encourage more hatred. If things can be changed, then we should try to do so. Your support can make a difference.

They have surpassed 300,000 votes. We want Facebook to add animals under their “hate protection policies” – SIGN PETITION

This is the message –

Dear Facebook:

As an animal protector I am shocked and appalled that the “I Hate Dogs” page is back up. Please remove animal hate pages like your “I Hate Dogs”, the “Cat Recipe Page”, or the Wolf Barbecue” pages from Facebook.

Animal hate pages need to be removed and blocked from Facebook. It is a proven fact that people that hate and harm animals eventually hate and harm humans. Children that learn to harm animals proceed to injuring people as well.

These types of animal hate pages are dangerous to the animals, including the human kind.

Facebook please do the right thing and include animals in your “hate protection policies.”

This is the page. Judge for yourselves…


Patrick Doyle



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