Life is just better …

Dasha made this short movie for us – capturing a happy moment of being together again!

May’s comment: What can I say …1970801_763188443715074_5283924058573118709_n



  1. Julia Bates

    So cute. That tail was wagging for England!! What a lovely welcome home x

  2. Paula smith

    Fabulous ! So happy to be home x

  3. Lisa

    Divine !!!

  4. Tracey

    Gorgeous video may, loved her wriggly bum at the door!!
    Almost tear jerking to see you two reunited again with your special bond.
    Looks like your doing well …… Out & about on your crutch, miss darcy looks at you like she knows…..”
    We wish you a full speedy recovery with your bionic hip!!
    Love tracey Ralph & ruby xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Thanks, Tracey, Ralph & Ruby! Darcy knows something is different because she looks at my crutch. She would walk fast and then when she realises I am not walking as fast she waits for me to catch up and then walk at my pace. And then she forgets again. She’s not quite sure what it is.
      I still have a friend walking her every day for this week and then a dog walker to take her on her two hour walk each day. But starting this weekend I will start my Mummy duties but no long walks for at least another six weeks. Or at least start easing into it. x

  5. Melody

    What a lovely video…pure happiness and love when you saw each other…

    Such a beautiful bond you both share

  6. The Carrs

    This brought a tear to my eyes – lovely video x

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