An Unexpected 48 hours in Tromsø

We left Stockholm for Tromsø for an overnight stopover.

We thought it would be nice to see Tromsø in daylight. The last time we were here in December 2017 (Christmas Magic), there was hardly any daylight.

So we thought to have a few hours to check it out. Even though our flight from Stockholm was delayed, we still managed to get here in time for a few hours of daylight.

Ahhh, we remember the yellow wooden cathedral in the city centre.

And this time we could see what the city looked like.

Woohoo! Fluffy snow!!!

Shall I? I had to do this ….

What are you looking at?

I love snow on my face!

We walked to the harbour to see if we can find a Hurtigruten ferry docked – and maybe we’ll see Natasha and David.

But it was not the same ferry …

And we found one last standing lit tree – there were a lot of them when we were here over Christmas.

And from here we could see the Arctic Cathedral on the other side of the Tromsø Bridge.

We headed back to our hotel – The Edge which is part of the Clarion Hotel. They are dog friendly – everywhere – but they weren’t sure about their restaurant.

So we asked and they have never had that question before – so they assumed we could.

Look at these leather pigs – thought I’d ride one!
So that was the end of our day in Tromsø …

Early rise next morning – and we saw the morning light. We went out for a walk and I climbed a mountain!

See how high I climbed
Don;t worry, it was just a pile of snow!

Mum, what is he doing?

Looking at him makes me feel cold!

It was time to leave for the airport – on our way to our final destination.

But alas, our flight was cancelled due to strong winds blowing in the wrong direction. I think it was Gareth that followed us up here. That meant we had another 24 hours in Tromsø – and we went about walking …

Can you see the Arctic Cathedral – my nose is pointing at it.

Went to play on the snow again.

We’ve checked into another dog-friendly hotel – Radisson Blue.

A beautiful view from the top of the hotel.

View from our room – the Cathedral in the distance.

Knackered! Or bored?
As we watched the sunset on another day …
And an almost full moon overTromsø.

Wonder if we’ll take off tomorrow to our next destination.

May’s comment: This was meant to be a stopover – mainly because the weather conditions at this time of year make flights unreliable. Tromsø is also a pretty town – we liked it the last time we were here but we didn’t see much of it. Sure enough we went to the airport on the day of our departure and the flight was cancelled. Well, with the delay, we found another dog friendly hotel!

The funny thing about being here, especially in these two dog-friendly hotels – whenever I asked if we are allowed into the hotel restaurant, they often look stunned and say they have never been asked that question before. They wondered why not. And so I went along with dog in tow!


  1. Maureen Dell

    Stunning pics! I do hope that by now the weather has been kind to you and you’ve left Tromso. What an adventure Darcy and amazing pics.

  2. Sara Cormack

    Hi you two, I so love to travel vicariously with you! Such wonderful photographs. I love the Cathedral. How great to see the Anthony Gormley statue. Lola is jealous of your coat Darcy, you definitely need it in all that snow! I wonder where you will be next!

    • Miss Darcy

      Watch this space! Maybe we can travel together the next time. We have a few trips planned.

  3. Anne Mckinkey

    Just love your descriptions, looks as if you are having a wonderful time xx

  4. Kathy

    What a beautiful place to visit! Darcy is so cute playing in the snow. She really is a snow dog!

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