An unexpected date with Mummy

Mummy was going to dinner with her New York friend, Adelina. The plan was to leave us pooches behind when she thought – she’ll just ask.  It was after all a grown-up, white tablecloth type of place.

And much to her surprise, they did not say no immediately but had a little conference.

Assunta Madre is an Italian restaurant in Mayfair. IMG_0570A serious eating place, we were told. The person on the phone asked about my size. Cocker spaniel size they were told.

They asked if I am a noisy dog. Noisy? Mummy chuckled, of course not!

We had the green light and because this was so unexpected, Mummy decided it was best if it was just me.  IMG_0574George went to play with Charlie and stayed with Praewa. Sorry, George. You may be dinky but I have more experience about restaurant etiquette.

That said, something made me bark – once! soon after we were seated. 🙂

The place was lovely and I stayed in my usual place … but it’s a seafood restaurant so the hand me downs – not so exciting. IMG_0572

May’s comment: Italian restaurant once again – makes me think they are definitely more attuned to being dog friendly!  The staff was helpful. They had a table for two close to other tables. When they saw I was a little uncertain, asked if I would prefer a table in the corner. And we sat at a table for four.

They brought Darcy a bowl of water and even though she barked once – they were chilled.

Assunta Madre – 9-10 Blenheim Street, Mayfair, London. Must let them know if your dog is going.


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