Amazing turnout at M

We just saw some of our photos from the Pooch party at M Restaurant this past weekend. Love the pics from their Facebook page – wanted to share them with you!

We’ve just arrived and met a labradoodle.M Rest - D and lab And Georgie meets a poodleM Rest - arrival Here comes Marley, a toy poodle with big personality.M Rest - MarleyMarley sitting at our table.M Rest - Marley 2Miuccia was also at our tableM Rest - Miuccia And me sitting with menu and my own water bowl.M Rest - D at tableThere were a few cockapoos thereM Rest - cockapooAnd bigger dogs as well!M Rest - Big and smallEven bigger ones – and that’s a labradoodle on the right, not a cockapooM Rest - dogsAnd toy poodles saying hello to CrumbleM Rest - CrumblePhoto Op M Rest - LabradoodleM Rest - cockapoo 2We had our turn …M Rest - D in coatAnd even Georgie did well!M Rest - GIt was a sold out event – M Rest - ViewThat’s our table down there!M Rest - table M Rest - View 2 That’s me and Mummy at the bottom left of the photo saying hello to another cockapoo.M Rest - View 3And we all had our own water bowls.M Rest - dog bowls

May’s comment: Check out the other photos at M Restaurant Facebook page!  Next pooch party is scheduled for 9th May!

It was really fantastic to see and to be there. So many breeds, all different sizes and you know that everyone there love their dogs and they all love just sharing a meal with their pets. And what was so incredible – they all behaved!  Only George had a go at a labrador – why, George?

The popularity of dining with dogs is catching on! Love places like M Restaurant – we who love our dogs must support anyone who hold such events – to encourage them and to show press and everyone there what a fabulous time was had by all.

Hope to see you all there at the next one!


  1. Great idea but totally copied from Gaucho Grill hampsted?

    • Miss Darcy

      But of course! The owner of M used to be at Gaucho and so is the person who used to organise Doggy Sundays at Gaucho. We support anyone who let’s dog into restaurants and anyone who takes the time to make it happen. If more restauranteurs would copy Gaucho – how fabulous.

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