An unexpected visit

Today I had a little surprise – Mairi took me to see Mummy for the afternoon.  Mairi had lots of appointments in London so she thought Mummy could use some company. 

IMG_0163 (1)Lots of kisses but no hugs. She didn’t carry me like she always does when she sees me.

After Mairi left, we had some quiet time as we both took a nap together whileIMG_4734Mummy had her hand on me the whole time – and I looked to see if she was ok.

I have to say I felt a little strange today.  I’ve been with Mairi for the last five days and had a ball of a time. When I came home to Mummy today, the energy level was really low – none of the excitement and running around, not much hugs.  She didn’t hold me either.
IMG_4725At the end of the afternoon when Mairi returned, I was really happy to see her. And I was happy she took me with her when she left.

I am a little confused to be honest.

May’s comment: Came home last night – to a quiet home. I remember one of the reasons I decided to get a dog – was that I wanted to come home to a “living being”.

When I was in the hospital bed, I didn’t think much about not having the dogs next to me but last night, out of habit, every time I woke, I looked to see where they were. And every time I moved, I made sure they had their space.  IMG_6534But seeing Darcy today was also difficult. I couldn’t give her a hug, couldn’t carry her and had difficulty getting down to her level.  IMG_0167Maybe she felt my energy and was very quiet. Or maybe she was wondering why I wasn’t so excited to see her. I had to restrain myself.

But I know she’s in really good hands and having a whale of a time. It did made me feel a little bad to see her hurrying off because she knows where the fun is at the moment and lots of people fussing over her.

God, I hope that not her as well as George have decided that somewhere else is more fun than staying with me. 🙁

Time to get really fit again and so we can have fun altogether once more.


  1. Sue

    May, don’t go to those dark thoughts…Darcy and George have adapted so well because of the love and confidence you have instilled in them. They may be very happy in their temporary homes, but you are ‘mummy’ and they wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than by your side. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Sue (and Max🐾) .x.

  2. Must have been lovely to see her but strange for you not to be able to play or hold her as you usually do . I expect she was confused by it but I am sure she was very happy to see you . Hope you make a quick recovery x

  3. Laura Cordovano

    Whenever I have been away from my rascals they are always a little confused when I am back and give me the cold shoulder. It takes about a day before they are back to normal with me. I don’t know if they get angry with us for not being there or what but there is some sort of process. Sue is right…you have provided an incredible foundation for your dogs and all will be back to normal soon enough. In the meantime try to enjoy the quiet and heal!!! <3

  4. Claire

    Bless you, it must be very difficult. Get better soon x

  5. Liz

    Hi May, I’m sorry you have been so unwell, it’s been a bit of a long haul for you, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry about Darcy and George, you will always be mum. Dog’s are very bonded to their owners and don’t forget you that easily. At the moment Darcy probably is a bit confused, but things will return to normal very quickly once you’re altogether again. I know how you must miss them. We have just returned from a six week overseas holiday, and although I knew Elsie was well looked after, she was never far from my mind. I missed her sooo much! I would Skype her at least once a week!

    I hope your recovery is speedy.

    Liz and Elsie (Spoodle). Yes she’s an Aussie dog.

  6. margaret danks

    Dogs just seem to know when we are not quite ourselves, so Darcy probably feels this. You are mummy and they will always be your babies. Things will be back to normal soon.

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