Far from the madding crowd

I travelled into busy London yesterday with Mairi but otherwise, this is where she has been taking me for walks everyday …

Wide open fields to runIMG_0147 (1)Even stopping for tea … yum! Yum!unnamed-14Interesting wooded areas to explore –
IMG_0146where even there she has to pick up my poo. LOL!IMG_0145Or she takes me to the beach …12038310_10156171726125072_7297843178780298169_nAll these places in the last five days. I am a very lucky dog!

As for Georgie … he has fun doing other things during his “half term” break – like trying to figure out what’s with all the pumpkin carving!IMG_4739

Otherwise, he’s rolling around on his back –

IMG_4514He and Jaffa both!IMG_4509On a rug. No fox poo? Seriously guys! Be more dog!!!

May’s comment: I was going down a dark path yesterday when Sue snapped me out of it. Dogs are not humans as much as we would like to believe they are so like us.

The thing I took away from yesterday’s experience is that Darcy was aware something was not 100%. She didn’t know what was not right – that she could not figure out, but she felt the usual energy wasn’t there.  My reaction to her was subdued, even restrained.  But she did know that Mairi or anyone who had taken her out the last two months have been a lot more fun than me.  She, my darling girl, has strong self-preservation. 🙂

Darcy, in all her life and George, since he came to live with us, have been cocooned by love – not just by me, but we are very lucky to have all those wonderful friends who have taken care of them when I couldn’t.  They know no fear because they have never been harmed. They only have positive experiences.

So in whatever the situation they find themselves in, they go forth with confidence. And like true dogs, they live in the moment. Soon they associate those positive experiences with the people they were with – only too happy to see them again and again because it meant more positive experiences.

The insecure me, want them to selfishly love me and me only with all their being. But by consciously letting them go with others, especially dog-loving friends, they have been shown “love” in ways different to mine.

Unknowingly, I had in loving, learnt to let go.

The current situation is more about being practical. Why would I want to have Darcy and George in the home when I can’t hold them, worried to have them come close to me and barely can bend down to feed them? And how can I have them with me when I can’t even walk outside myself? Makes no sense. It makes sense for them to enjoy the love being bestowed upon them, the care the others can give and the freedom for them to exercise their bodies and mind.

Well, they better enjoy all that because when they come back home, they will have to be city dogs again!!! LOL!!!! Retail-therapy, afternoon teas and a run around in a London park.

But yesterday reminded me to get myself better, even better than before I got ill, so that I can be the best Mummy they deserve. It reminded me that they are a commitment and for the rest of our lives, I, their owner, will need to take care of their welfare – that they have their food, their shelter and their exercise.

I wanted responsibility for another and I’ve got them.

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  1. Katie

    You, as their owner, give your two dogs their food, their shelter, their exercise…But you also give them YOU…your love and your attention…which are priceless…

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