And it’s Auf Wiedersehen

A late night walk with our friend, Luna along a country road in Kalkum, Düsseldorf …

It’s the last night before we’re back on the road again.

Luna, a Parson Russell Terrier, is an old friend – besides the fact that she is 11 years old, we’ve been friends for almost six years. Unfortunately, we don’t see each other often.

We’ve had a lovely last evening with Luna and her family. The hoomans made sushi …– not very interesting for us.

After dinner, George tried to usurp Luna’s position in her own home!As Luna wondered what’s with all the cuddling …In the meantime, I am ready for bed – because tomorrow is another travel day.Luna, thank you for sharing our last evening of our travels with you.  We love you and leave you – until Auf Wiedersehen which literally translates as “when we see again”, or “until we see again” – which we like because it is not final. There is a next time … Good night from me,Good night from George.Good night Luna.

May’s comment: This last stop – after a long adventure and before the last leg of our journey home has been a relaxing few days – Time catching up with my besties in Düsseldorf – Manuela and Sylvia friends for almost 30 years, and they were here to help me ease into life in Germany when I arrived, and still here when I have done wandering and returned to find them there for me – at every turn.

And catching up with Dagmar, who has been an inspiration.We met on Facebook through our Cockapoos, and in September 2016 – soon after she found out she had cancer, I was in Düsseldorf.  And Dagmar along with Johnny still made time to meet George and I – and went for walkies along the Rhein.More than a year later, Dagmar is still fighting cancer – but her attitude and her perseverance is nothing short of a miracle.  She is also nursing her ill mother with Alzheimer.  Even then, she took time to come and see us all.

Dagmar asked me to share her story because she wanted to give hope to all those out there that you can halt that dreaded “C” – she’s been doing detox and using alternative methods. And she is also at the same time reading up on the latest find on eliminating Alzheimer – because she wants to continue to live for many more years with her elderly mother. And through all their difficult past months, Johnny has been there for them.  But we didn’t get to see Johnny this time.

To friendships, humans and pooches – I feel blessed. This is a most rewarding end to more than three weeks of travelling.  No matter where we wander, it is always a happy place to return to friends – and their friendships.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Safe travels home May.

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