Preparing for our journey home

Since landing in Düsseldorf two days ago, we’ve been battling the weather.  It may not be as cold as the Arctic but it is very wet and windy! Snow is definitely better than rain!

And now we are preparing for our return journey – we needed to have our passports stamped by the vet after he had given us a check-up and dewormed.  We arrived at Leisa Tierklinik After announcing our arrival, we sat quietly Away from all the other curious doggiesAnd staying away from the big ones.And then it was our turn.

I leapt up on the table – and was looked over by Dr. VetChecked my heart and then something went up my bum! I was startled but stayed calm.38.8 degrees. Was told up to 39.2 was fine for us doggies.

George was pretty good too though he didn’t like the Vet looking at his teeth.He has a bit of a complex about them. The Vet told Mummy he needed his teeth cleaned. He’s got terrier teeth! 

But he didn’t mind a thermometer up his bum.  He too was at 38.8 degrees. So we’re both fine.

I tried to spit out the Drontal deworming pill – but Mummy shoved it down my throat. Yuck! George ate his willingly.

Job done – and we have at least 24 hours before we re-enter the U.K.

Dr. Vet, can you please make sure you have written the right time of day in each of our Passports?On one of our vet visits, the vet forgot to put down the time – and only due to the kindness of the Passport check person at Hoek van Holland, we were allowed to go through.

May’s comment: Can’t believe we’re making preparations for our return to the UK.  The Arctic seem like a distant memory – almost unreal.  It was more than three weeks ago since we started on our journey.  Tomorrow we will be embarking on the last part of our journey – train from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam, train to Schiedam, bus to Hoek van Holland for a ferry crossing. Finally the UK shores – but still another train journey to London and then a taxi.

Really don’t feel ready to face the world and 2018!

Leisa Teirknlink – at Adlerstraße 63, 40211 Düsseldorf is open 24/7. This is where we always come for our vet checks when in Düsseldorf.



  1. Frank Gee

    We have missed you and looking forward to seeing on your return. X

  2. Jill Keiser

    Back to London stories and that will be fun, too!

  3. Manja Briffa

    We have been travelling for four weeks, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Malta and had to leave our fur babies back in Australia as it’s very difficult to re enter Australia and may mean months of quarrentine. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey whilst on ours. We get to see our babies in 36 hours, yay!

    • Miss Darcy

      You’ve been everywhere we’ve been except for Belgium! We could have run into each other 😍

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