And it’s “bis später” Georgie!

Bis später, GeorgieWir sehen uns im zehn tage, OK?” means “Till later, Georgie. We’ll see each other in ten days, ok?

We think George now understands some German too having just returned from Düsseldorf. Regardless, Mummy is brushing up her German and Italian for our next trip. LOL!

Mummy took George to Jaffa’s and they started to play immediately.img_6888Then all of a sudden George realised that Mummy was leaving him behind. He ran towards Mummy who was leaving.img_6893I think it is Mummy who is going to miss George. You know, they had this bonding time together and now she really loves having him around. Maybe I can help to distract her from thinking about George too much.

May’s comment: Yes, I would be happiest if I could have them both with me. Alas, not.

George is staying with Jaffa for a couple of days img_6898I know he will be loved.  For the rest of the time, he will be having lots of fun with Stanley. He’ll have lots of company to distract him from missing us. And I will be counting the days when we will all be three again. No more travelling for awhile – I think.


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  1. Laura Cordovano

    That picture of you and George is so cute!

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