It’s a hello and Auf Wiedersehen!

Yes, we’ve just been altogether for all of five minutes when we went into fifth gear for the next trip. This time it’s me going to the vet for a fit to fly!

img_6855Georgie came along and he was nervous but he needn’t be. I’m the one with the check-up.img_6860I like going to the vet. I get checked over. I am weighing in at 9.9 kgs!  That’s a 0.4 kg increase in weight!img_6856I was scanned.  Yes, I’m legit.img_6858And now where’s my treat?img_6859That’s what I came for! 🙂

A visit to the groomers to make sure I am presentable as Mummy and I are going to a wedding in Austria.img_6877We’re all packed. Unlike Georgie, I am in a tote bag made specially for me by Alice Foxx.  And Mummy carries me in it. Yes, at 9.9kg, it is a bit tough on the shoulders.

We have a new device – the Auto Dog Mug. A new bottle for me.img_6854What’s cool about it is when Mummy squeezes the bottle, the water comes out at the top in the “bowl” and when I am done drinking, the extra water is sucked back to the bottle.  This way Mummy doesn’t have to throw away the water “somewhere” – it’s not very helpful when we’re in the train and she has nowhere to empty the bowl. With this new bottle, she doesn’t have to.

We didn’t buy it in the UK. Aunty May-Mei sent it to us from the States. She thought this would help with our travels.

Tomorrow we embark on our journey to Vienna via Zürich on Swiss Air. We will spend an afternoon and a night in Vienna to meet another one of Mummy’s friends before taking a train to Bad Waltersdorf. All very exciting. I have not been to Switzerland nor Austria.

May’s comment:  Getting excited about our trip.  We’re going to a friend’s wedding in Sebersdorf, Austria – near Graz, the south-eastern part of the country.  Only good friends know to invite my dogs to their wedding! LOL! They were expecting both Darcy and George to come but for me that’s too much. First, I can’t fly with two and I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy the wedding with two dogs. It’s one too many – so I have to sacrifice one.  And since George and I had our time together, this time it’s Darcy’s turn.  Yes, George would have been easier but I think I worry more about him. Darcy is bigger but she is a much more seasoned traveller and used to all sorts of transportation.

So it will be another long trip but it will be an adventure and looking forward to seeing friends along the way there and back!

Just remembered I forgot Darcy’s “outfit” for Friday evening! And we’re also adding to our list of places visited by Darcy!


  1. Sharon

    How wonderful. Enjoy the wedding. That drink bottle is fantastic May.

  2. Alicia

    I am curious…is a Fit to Fly visit at the vet the same price as an annual checkup?

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