And on the Sabbath Day …

We went to worship at the church across the street from us.  I always barked at the church bells every Sunday when they rang even though Mummy told me it’s nothing to be afraid of.

We had snuck in once before on Christmas morning, but a couple of Sundays ago as we were walking past, this lovely gentleman invited us in. We couldn’t that day as we were going somewhere that Sunday but we learnt from our conversation that we’re allowed inside.IMG_2161But today we did. We put on our Sunday bestIMG_2844And strode in confidently IMG_2871George sat on Mummy’s lap
IMG_2862 While I sat on the chair next to MummyIMG_2863 Eventually we swapped placesIMG_2870With one of us on her lap and the other resting peacefully – she couldn’t stand up and sit down withe the rest of the congregation as we would both jump up thinking we’re leaving.IMG_2868So we sat and snuck some photos of us at church! LOL!

May’s comment: Almost five years later I realised that I can take my dogs to the church across the street from us. IMG_2887Maybe it was an excuse or just sheer laziness on my part to ask and therefore no more excuses for not going.

Right after the service, people came up to us immediately and praised Darcy and George for being so well-behaved as the kids were running amok in the church hall.  They were so pleased to see us and said they hoped to see us again.  I did not participate in the refreshments as I am sure all of a sudden, these two “church going dogs will be scavengers and beggars.”
St.Andrew’s Church on Park Walk, Chelsea.

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