A Day of Rest

And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.  So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.

And so did we or that’s how Mummy rationalised why we didn’t go to the park yesterday.  Do you think she’s taking the Scriptures too literally?

She said, this is another sort of Sunday routine. There will be Hyde Park Doodle Sundays but we will also have restful ones that is not dog-focused.

So our Sunday started with our morning walk before we went to Gail’s –IMG_2859 and there we met Maddie who was really happy to see us. IMG_2854This morning there were five dogs at the front area where we are allowed to go inside.  And we all behaved impeccably. Someone behind the counter said – “Oh my god, so many dogs today!”  IMG_2858After a cappuccino and croissant, we went to churchIMG_2887And the reward for being good at church, Sunday Roast at Henry Root.IMG_2875 Wanting some of Marion’s croissantIMG_2879 Mummy gave us some delicious sausage wrapped in bacon and some fries. When we were satisfied we laid down under the tableIMG_2881Little Georgie looked tired.IMG_2883And I woke up when the biggest lemon posset ever arrived!IMG_2884Mummy said she did not finish it all – thank goodness!  But enough sugar to make her feel tired after lunch.

We went home to watch a movie – one that she thought we could all enjoy together – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Is this a story about a lost dog? asked GeorgeIMG_2892Yes, Mummy answered.

Does it have a sad ending?

Well, you have to watch it to see what happens.IMG_2896But we got a little distracted. So the story goes on about Hachi, the lost dog who was found by a man and how he showed his love and loyalty to his new found master. He would walk his master to work every day and was there to await his return every afternoon at 17.00.IMG_2907 And then the day came when Hachi knew something was going to happen to his master.IMG_2909Indeed, the master never came home that afternoon.  But every day Hachi never failed to go to the train station and waited for his master to come home – for the next nine years – till he died.IMG_2914That was a tear-jerker. Mummy, did you have to get such a sad movie to watch on a restful Sunday?

It is also a theme that we know well – undying loyalty comes with our package.  Hachi was abandoned and then after his master died, he became a street dog again.

May’s comment: We watched Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, the Hollywood adaptation of the true story of Hachi, a faithful Akita Inu and a college professor who found him abandoned. A story of a dog’s undying love for his master.

The real Hachi-ko is in Japan and there’s a bronze statue at the Shibuya train station to commemorate him. I’ve been to Shibuya station a few times but I have never noticed it.  That was my pre-Darcy days. These days I would go back to Tokyo just to look at the statue. 🙂Hachiko_statue_shibuya.jpeg





  1. Jill Keiser

    Hatchi’s true story sounds a lot like like the true story of Edinburgh’s Greyfriar’s Bobby which is also sad (and was made into a movie).

  2. carol

    Gellert from Wales is an amazing story. The dog saves the baby from a wolf, they think the dog has attacked said baby, and I am not spoiling the ending! Brilliant but soooo sad

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