And the fluffy look for me!

Everyone keeps telling Mummy how nice and fluffy I am …IMG_8249 So she decided to keep me that way. IMG_1361I had a ear trim, a face trim but the hair on the right side of my muzzle wouldn’t stay down – as hard as they tried! LOL!
IMG_1364May’s comment: My handsome little boy.

His transformation … when he was found at Killing Station in Hungary10410994_283858685157731_9138772470408011702_n-9
After his lucky escape from Killing Station, he was given a bath and a hair cut.10668258_285259608350972_1384405692_n-2-3His first day in the UK.IMG_3804-580x435-2After his first haircut in the UK – had to trim it short to even it out. His hair was also quite thin. IMG_4277-580x435-4-2His first Christmas – two months after he came to live with usC9A6731-1024x682-3A few months ago …IMG_8396And today! IMG_1366Don’t you think his eyes have also changed. They seem so much calmer and softer. Or am I reading too much into it?

Don’t tell Darcy this but we get stopped all the time.  People asking what he is and he’s oh so cute. And I end up telling his entire story to an engaged audience. He definitely gets more attention than Darcy these days. It used to be like that with Darcy but now there are so many cockapoos, she’s just another one. 


  1. Margaret Danks

    Little Georgeous . His eyes have lost the wary look May

  2. connie hester

    His posture has also changed it seems to me. In his first picture his tail is down and his back is arched and he looks worried, now his tail is held high his back is straight and head up. You can tell how proud of himself he is and the confidence he now has thanks to you and your love.

  3. Jill Keiser

    George was a dear CinderFella made into a handsome, well taken-care of and loved Prince by May and Miss Darcy!

  4. Liz

    What a difference love can make.

  5. Nancy Koon

    He gets cuter all the time! He looks like a completely different little person…oh so happy now!

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