And the Summer begins …

Always ready to pose when there’s pink!

Think we both got the memo!

Wearing my Love My Human banner.

See whose ran into!

Dressed for the occasion.

A spot of lunch

Fish n chips?

and some PINK champagne.

And then was off to the Grand Stand for some polo.

And the Countdown!!!

Wow! Look how fast the “ponies” run!

That’s what they call them at Polo- even though they are horses.

Sometimes I was wasn’t following the ball.

At half time we went onto the pitch to join in the tradition of divot stomping.

Can you see us?

Typical of an English Summer. It was cloudy, it was sunny and of course a sprinkling of showers.

Mum shared her Chestertons poncho with me.

Barnaby and I watched the final game with great interest – Barnaby got quite excited and barked. I was glued to the ball!


Photo by Sara Cormack

Thank you Chestertons for a lovely afternoon and congratulations on your 10th year of Polo in the Park.

May’s comment: And so the English Summer begins. Yesterday was Trooping the Colour – celebrating the Queen’s Official Birthday. Today we went to Polo at the Park in Hurlingham. Wishing you a happy summer!

Toasting with Lanson’s pink champagne!

Dogs are allowed at Family Day – the last day of polo. Not sure about the first two days.

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