Don’t rain on my fashion parade

When it rains … out come the raincoats. But which one?

On Friday, it was the happy Yellow.

Wearing Max-bone raincoat
When the hood is down, I can’t see where I’m going.
Ahhh, this is better.

My yellow raincoat from Max-Bone never fails to bring on a smile to passers by.

By Sunday, it was just wet and a little cool andre were going to somewhere posh, so we tried on a layering look with this transparent raincoat to keep dry and a jumper to keep warm layering.

Wearing Overglam raincoat and jumper

But thankfully it didn’t rain! And I didn’t need to worry about getting all muddy.

But on this rainy Monday, I am having the blues …

Wearing Poldo raincoat

But not for long as Mum told me I get to be DAWG this week.

I am going away to the House of Mutt- just for some time to run and enjoy being dawg. Not because Mum’s travelling but because something is happening back home – and its a bit boring that I have to sit around most of the day when our home is being transformed … watch this space.

No raincoats will be packed in my travel bag – just food!

May’s comment: We’ve had summer-like weather and then cold spring days – the time of year when the weather is in transition and we never know what we will wake up to.

When we see rain forecasted for a day that we need to be out and about, it stands a good chance the weather will change. And it almost always does. But when it says sunny – it will then rain!

Just like the season, we are also transitioning. A new home awaits us … by the end of next week, we will be in our new home. In the meantime we are trying to transition our flat into a summer stay for Sasha and Skye when they arrive in less than two weeks. So once again, there’s upheaval. The rooms are being taken apart slowly – pictures come down from the wall and new ones go up. And the dogs wait patiently while I run back and forth and trying to work. So little quality time spent with them.

Decided to give Darcy a break and she gets to go to her favourite away place at the House of Mutt to be DAWG! For a week she can run in fields, through the woods, on the beach and play with other pooches – maybe even meet a friend when she’s there.

When she’s back we will be slowly easing ourselves into our new home. George still isn’t suppose to run off lead and no stairs and no jumping (which he has done a few times!!!) so he stays home with me and he will just go everywhere with me this coming busy week.

It’s exciting that a new home awaits, new beginnings but also missing the space I have created at our current home and seeing it being transformed. But this is all part of the Marie Kondo effect and Swedish death cleaning – and the next chapter of my life.

Darcy’s raincoats are from:

Max-Bone – the talon water repellant rain coat comes in yellow and navy. We chose the iconic yellow because it always puts a smile on passers-by. Both Darcy and George have one to match mine! Watch out for the next rainy day!

Overglam – transparent raincoat and contrasting jumper. Darcy was modelling the rain coat for a photo shoot. But this one is completely water-proof! It’s plastic and see-through! Fab for a wet cold day when you need layering.

Poldo Dog Couture – this Trieste raincoat made of vinyl was gifted, and loving it. A fab addition to her wardrobe. Very smart, very well made, water repellant – perfect for a wet winter’s day. Besides sky blue, also comes in yellow and grey.


  1. Cheryl

    Oh my, moving, so exciting! Best wishes for a smooth transition! Darcy will love being a dawg, and I’m sure George will love having you all to himself!
    Ugh, it sounds like we need to pack raincoats, they take up so much room in the suitcase!

  2. Jan & Peter

    Love the pics.
    All the best with the move, are you going far?
    Our Poo(Ellie) only has a Barbour raincoat and feels deprived.

  3. Jill Keiser

    Good luck with your move! I know Darcy will be so happy at the House of Mutt! If we weren’t so far away in NC, Nikki, Gina and I would help you move!

  4. Liz Burman

    Moving house how exciting!! Is it ground floor? I hope all goes smoothly. Darcy will have a lovely time being dawg at the House of Mutt.🐾

  5. Anne McCormack

    Moving home is so stressful. Make sure you have time for some pampering, May,

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