And the winner is …

Meet Floyd, the Labradoodle who came with the best Halloween costume for our Doodleween meet!!!

He was beyond excited about his outfitAnd ran to show us what he was wearing!!!What do you think? he asked.Magnifique! Pope Poo!

We also had sharks, pumpkins, fairies a bat and scary headgearand lots of orange bandanas, scarves and t-shirts!George was in his orange Equafleece and bandana-

was badly behaved!  Besides being crazy rolling around with glee, he decided to go squirrelling!

We had a good representation of BIGger doodles today and because they were so large, they seem to have taken over the meet even though there were just five of them!

And Lucca finding love with Bowie.

So they came big and small smallerand smallest
There was lots of loving
And we had Blaze and Hebe. Blaze is a recent rescue form DoodleAid who has gone to live with Hebe and her family. They came all the way from Dorset.Despite the threat of bad weather, we had a fabulous turnout!

May’s comment: Woke up to a rainy Sunday morning. These are the days when I wish I wasn’t organising these meets and have a reason to just stay in bed!!! But 10.30am came along and the rain stopped – miraculously!  George and I got into the car (Darcy is still in St. Tropez) and arrived at Hyde Park. Immediately we ran into Sara who had come all the way from Amersham. That was a good affirmation for us being there. It was cold but the skies had cleared and the whole time we were playing, the sun came out! We have been blessed! Thank you!

Despite the threat of bad weather, we had 20 pooches who came to play!L-R: Floyd (Labradoodle), Bella, Burlington (Goldendoodle), Hattie (Chihuahua), Lucca, Stanley, Bowie (Goldendoodle), George (Le Mutt), Rusty, Teddy (Cavapoo), Hebe, Blaze, Coco, Petra, Lola, Colette (Coton du Tulear), Crumpet (Labradoodle)

Minutes later, along came … TeddySnoopy (Labradoodle)and Rosie!Till the next last Sunday of the next month, that is the 25th November – have a scarily Happy Halloween, safe Bonfire Night, much Thanksgiving to our American friends and many Christmas lighting.  That will probably be the last meet of the year as we won’t be around the last Sunday in December.


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  1. Kathy

    That looked like a very good meet! Looks like everyone had a good time! I am sure that little George is loving having his mom to himself but I sure miss Darcy.

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