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February Doodle Meet-up

This weekend brings us to the last Sunday of February – the Valentine month (as well as the Chinese Valentine’s).

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Dashing into the new Decade!

WOW! We had a fab first meet of 2020!

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A Parade of Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumper is a colloquial way of saying “Ugly Jumpers!” LOL!

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The Cutest Spooky Doodle Meet!

Words can’t describe one of the best doodle meets we had this past Sunday!

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Come rain or shine …

The die-hards! 26 doodles were not put off by the dismal weather forecast.

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Sunshine + Doodles = BEST Bank Holiday ever!

And it was the hottest August Bank Holiday on record!

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So excited! A sunny Bank Holiday Doodle Meet?

And at a forecast of 29 degrees – Summer’s back!

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Poo Bear picnic in the park!

It was a week of watching the weather forecast. And lucky us – it didn’t rain on our picnic.

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To picnic or not to picnic …

That is the question.

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A Colourful Meet-up!

In the spirit of PRIDE month, we ran a little competition for the best dressed pup – and the winner …

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We love Bank Holidays – can you tell?

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend and it wasn’t raining!

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It’s May Doodle Meet-up

Hello everyone! It’s the end of May and time for our meet-up!

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Mothering Sunday Special at Hyde Park Meet

We always look forward to seeing all at the end of you each month –

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February Hyde Park Doodle Meet

February is a short month. Before you can even flick your ears, its already time for the February Hyde Park Doodle Meet!

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First Hyde Park Doodle Meet of 2019!

Come one, come all!” Mum announced with great excitement from the top of a mound!

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It’s been a Doodley year!

Today we had the 11th Hyde Park Doodle Meet of 2018.
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November gratitude

November seems to be a month of giving thanks. Read more…

And the winner is …

Meet Floyd, the Labradoodle who came with the best Halloween costume for our Doodleween meet!!! Read more…

It’s a Doodleween Meet-Up

With the Indian Summer behind us (we think) and the Autumnal feel in the air – Read more…

  • IMG_0457
  • IMG_0452
  • IMG_0429
  • IMG_0496
  • IMG_0439
  • IMG_0496 (1)
  • IMG_0449
  • IMG_0444
  • IMG_0451
  • IMG_0470
  • IMG_0492
  • IMG_0435
  • IMG_0466
  • IMG_0459
  • IMG_0478 (1)
  • IMG_0480
  • IMG_0498
  • IMG_0469
  • IMG_0489
  • IMG_0476
  • IMG_0486 (1)

So much fun for 23 pups!

It was our September Doodle meet on Sunday! Read more…

National Dog Day Meet!

Today is National Dog Day.  This is the day hoomans celebrate us. Read more…

George and 10 Poos

The weather forecast was 100% rain! Read more…

Meet us at the Park on Sunday

The last Sunday of August is coming up and we are excited to have another meet up. Read more…

You’re a Bernard-doodle?!?!?! Will you come to our Hyde Park meet?

We were walking along Elizabeth Street when we saw this guy!  Read more…

  • img_8794
  • img_8836
  • img_8849
  • img_8810
  • img_8770
  • img_8797
  • img_8809
  • img_8776
  • img_8772
  • img_8788
  • img_8847
  • img_8799
  • img_8774
  • img_8775
  • img_8785
  • img_8786
  • img_8789
  • img_8796
  • img_8798
  • img_8865
  • img_8807
  • img_8808
  • img_8811
  • img_8812
  • img_8817
  • img_8816
  • img_8815
  • img_8814
  • img_8813
  • img_8819
  • img_8820
  • img_8821
  • img_8854
  • img_8851

Halloween Doodle Meet

It was a foggy morning to begin with – rather appropriate for our Halloween Meet!  Some of us came dressed in costumes! Read more…

Can I play with you at the Halloween Meet?

Some playful pups might be joining our Halloween Meet this coming Sunday! Read more…

  • img_6183Max the Goldendoodle
  • img_6218Chewie and Maisie - puppies at play
  • img_6215Mr. Spencer
  • img_6170
  • img_6168
  • img_6172
  • img_6173Hebe saying "Namaste"
  • img_6176
  • img_6177
  • img_6182
  • img_6181
  • img_6179Cookie
  • img_6178Barnaby
  • img_6184Enzo being enticed by Chewie
  • img_6185
  • img_6186
  • img_6187
  • img_6188Dash
  • img_6191Dash watching Chewie
  • img_6192Miuccia checking out the place
  • img_6193Miuccia joins in
  • img_6190
  • img_6189
  • img_6194
  • img_6195Lola
  • img_6197Chewie running like mad
  • img_6198
  • img_6199
  • img_6200
  • img_6201
  • img_6202
  • img_6214
  • img_6207
  • img_6213Maisie just arrived
  • img_6216Sharing tips!

It’s HPCC Sunday and we had our first Goldendoodle!

Meet Max, our first Goldendoodle at our Hyde Park meets!   Read more…

Doodles Halloween Hyde Park Meet on Sunday (1 Nov)

But, Mummy, I am still running in Sussex.  And George is still doing “half-term” in the country. Read more…