And the winners are …

DRUMROLL please! 


We have picked the names – and the winners for a ticket to Crufts are …

Anya Connolly

Carol Millman

Donna Bartholomew

Elizabeth Smith

Ella Clark

Gail Burten

Judith Robinson

Katie Burtenshaw

Maggie Jordan


May’s comment: Please send me your mailing addresses to be forwarded to The Kennel Club. They will be sending the one day passes directly to you.  They are valid for any of the days.  If you don’t hear from them – please let me know and I will follow-up!  Also if you require more tickets, you can buy them online

Enjoy! And let’s meet up there – Darcy and I will be there both Saturdays and Sundays.

Just a reminder – no dogs are allowed except only when invited.



  1. Judith Robinson

    Hi May, and special thanks to Darcy for picking my name out – so excited!

    Address details are as follows

    16 Dalkeith Avenue
    CV22 7NN

    We will be going on the Sunday, would be lovely to meet and say hello to a fellow poo addict if you are still there.

    Thank you

    Judith and Ted ( who will be staying with my Mum for the day)

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Judith! Thanks for info. We will be there on Sunday – not sure if I am staying for BIS – as I can’t take Darcy to it unless I can find someone to take her. But there won’t be cockapoos there so maybe I can give it a miss! x

  2. Donna

    Hi May I am delighted that I was picked out and me and hearing dog kizzy looking forward to going.

    here is my Address
    42 Lydbury crescent
    L32 9RH


    Donna & Kizzy

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Donna, thank you for your address. The Kennel Club will be sending you your ticket. Just to be clear, dogs are not allowed at Crufts unless they are showing. I hope that’s not a problem. x

  3. anya

    Hello Miss Darcy 🙂

    we are very excited to have been picked for one of the crufts tickets

    My address is

    7 Rowen court
    L17 0EJ
    United kingdom


    see you there!!!

    Anya & Bentley Boo my cockerpoo

    • Miss Darcy

      See you there, Anya! We have your details and the Kennel Club will be forwarding you the ticket.

  4. Judith Robinson

    Hi May,

    My ticket came today, really looking forward to going on the Sunday.

    Thank you!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hope we run into you! We’ll be there Sunday!

    • Anya


      My ticket arrived last week. 🙂 so excited now

      Is Darcy going to be spoilt? I know Bentley will be.



      • Miss Darcy

        We’ll have to see … her birthday is this coming week so she would already have plenty. x
        But so glad your ticket has arrived!

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