And then there was George!

Our arrival home were staggered. Mummy got in really early this morning, flying in from Washington DC.  When she got herself somewhat sorted, she went to meet me at Hyde Park. I stayed with Jacqui last night as we thought we were going to Agility this morning but it was cancelled. 

Kim brought George home at around 19.30 – oh, yah! I wasn’t expecting him here!  I growled at him when he came close.

IMG_6008No, I don’t want to take a group photo. I am going to KimIMG_6012 But Kim left and it was back to the three of us. Sigh! IMG_6014

We went straight out for a walk as Mummy’s still unsure of his bewitching hour.  We walked nicely in the rain.  When we came home Mummy gave us each a Sprinkles doggy cupcake.  That sort of settled us as we ganged up for the same gratification.IMG_6016So now we’re all settled, Georgie-Porgie’s here!  And we’re all home!


  1. Janet Novak

    Dear Darcy,
    My name is Janet Novak… I have been following your blog for a couple of months now. You are a great writer! I am so sorry to say I was a few days behind on your blog when I read your Mummy and the imposter were in my town of Portland, Oregon. I would have loved for my sweet Cockapoo Daisy Mae to have met the imposter. Maybe next time your Mummy is in town we can meet for coffee!
    Oh, and by the way, you are such a good girl to welcome little Dinky into your heart and home. I can’t wait for his little DNA test to come back… I just know he has a little inter poo in there somewhere!

    Love form Oregon,
    Janet Novak and Daisy Mae

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Janet and Daisy Mae – oh, what a missed opportunity! I am sure Mummy would have loved to have met up and we would have been thrilled to meet a cockapoo in Portland, OR! You’ve given us another reason to visit again. Mummy loves Orgeon – she lived eight months there, albeit Beaverton! x

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