Jacqui took Bobby and I out for a walk at Hyde Park.  Then Jacqui said – “Look Darcy, who is that?”IMG_5971 I said, “Huh?”IMG_5972Then I heard Mummy’s voice calling my name …IMG_5973I broke into a gallop and ran towards her!IMG_5974Hello stranger!IMG_5975 Then I had to ask – “So where were you yesterday when I returned to London from the House of Mutt?”IMG_5981 Mummy tried to explain but I wasn’t so chuffed. I had to tell her that I was a little confused when I ended up at Miuccia’s house and she wasn’t there.IMG_5982 OK, I forgive you.IMG_5983But I can’t wait to show you my report card from House of Mutt. Sarah was pleased with me. 🙂IMG_5993Miuccia and I ran around a bit more in the park before Mummy and I had some together time before George comes home later.IMG_5991

May’s comment: That’s my girl!  Pretty chilled most of the time.  She behaves impeccably well in human situations but not so good in the doggy camp!

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  1. Rusty

    Welcome home, May, Darcy and soon George xxxx

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