And we’re off – to be real dogs!

There is anticipation in the air.Something is about to happen – I don’t know if I should be excited or if I should feel sad.

The bags are packed – and this time, Mummy has small wheelie – LOL! My bag is FULL of food – and I know what that means. House of Mutt, here we come!!!But look who else is in Mummy’s bag! IMPOSTOR!!!

It was time to say our goodbyes. We went to Juice Baby to say goodbye to Mona. And then it was the turn of the Tykes.

Good bye Little Tyke!
Good bye Mini Tyke! Good bye Mummy! Have fun on your skiing holiday!

If you ask me, pretty strange to put two slats on your feet and go downhill – fast!  But then again, hoomans tend to do funny things all the time, like walk on two legs rather than four.

All this means we are going on our own holiday – for a whole week. We are going where we can be real dogs!!!! Looking forward to running through the woods, the beach – with our other pals at The House of Mutt. And we heard that our neighbour Lyra will be there the same time. Don’t be sad, Lyra. We are all going in the same car!

Finally! The door bell rings!  It wasn’t Peter whom we know well, but someone else – We usually go berserk when we see Peter, so a little confused. But never mind.

And the entourage that walked us to the car.Where’s the car?Hey, wait a minute! That’s not my place … I’m usually in the front seat!Right! Now, Mummy – you go and have a good time ok. IMPOSTOR will keep you company while we have fun.And George gets to sit in the back because he has a tendency to sit on someone’s lap.And finally Lyra – she’s not very happy. 🙁Don’t worry Lyra, we will have fun, ok?  We are going to be real dogs for a whole week!!!

May’s comment: Oh, my aching heart … seeing them go.

I so wanted to take them with us to Megève. But dog-friendly hotels or chalets were hard to find. And I know it will just be better without them while I focus on Sasha and Skye’s first ski trip, their first snow – they’re so looking forward to making snow angels, build a snowman and snow ball fights! How does a 7 and a 4-year-old growing up in Thailand know all these things. “Cartoons!” they said. Well, I guess I thought the same growing up in Malaysia – Christmasses should always be white! LOL!

I am equally excited myself. The last time I went skiing was in March 2006 – in Megève. Since then I’ve given up on skiing.  With THR and bad knees, I don’t need a big fall to make everything go wrong. So, I have willingly retired to après-ski!  So strange to go on a skiing holiday without having to park for strenuous activities.

But my dogs are aware that something is about to happen.  This morning we cuddled. George made it through the night without getting sick. At Juice Baby where we go for our morning cup of Creamy Cacao, Darcy who usually sits under the table while I consume, she sat and looked anxiously out the door – as if anticipating the House of Mutt car to drive up any moment. And she looked at me with those eyes –When are we leaving?

When I placed the bag by the front door, she was getting excited. For this, I know she is happy – and that takes a load off my mind. There is no other place where I feel completely reassured that she will be safe, well looked after and having a blast running through forests, wading in puddles and running along the beaches.  She will for a week be a “real dog”! LOL!

George wouldn’t know what to do with himself – all that open space to run and run and run – good luck House of Mutt! LOL!


  1. Daniel Hall

    Enjoy your time in that French ski resort. I skied in nearby Chamonix and also in adjacent Courmayeur in Italy. Was the first time that I skied (downhill and cross-country) in Europe. Great experience in many ways. I’m sure your dogs will love being at House of Mutt.

  2. Jill Keiser

    I know you and your hooman family will have a great time skiing in the snow, but I bet the doggies will be having an even better time at the House of Mutt!

  3. Cheryl

    Have a fun time, but be careful! I gave up skiing a long time ago, too expensive and too busy taking care of kids. Darcy looks sad, but I know once she gets to HoM, she have a grand time!

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